The season finale of Suits, calledCharacter and Fitness” starts with a brand new day for Rachel and Mike. But they are quickly reminded of Mike’s meeting with the bar committee with hopes that he will finally become a lawyer. As for how it closes out, there is definitely a happy ending for Mike and Harvey. But what did they have to do to get there?

More Drama for Louis as Mike’s Past Resurfaces

At the firm, Tara still isn’t over her argument with Louis. She says she isn’t mad at him because he told her how he was involved in Mike’s past. Still, she calls him out for making her feel “ashamed” after Louis tried to use her own past against her in their argument. Tara tells Louis she’s not sure if she wants to be with a man like that.

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At the clinic, Mike tries to take a couple of days off without telling Nathan the reason why which is of course, so he can prepare for the bar. Nathan is all for it because Mike just scored a huge win for the clinic in the controversial case with the miners. Mike goes to see Harvey next and reminds him that when he does pass the bar, he still doesn’t plan on coming back to the law firm.

Anita Gibbs Returns and it’s Not Pretty

Anita Gibbs, the prosecutor who brought down Mike when it first came out that he was a fake lawyer, returns and says that she was notified by the U.S. Attorney Committee that Mike was trying to pass the bar. She reveals that she is the newest member on the bar panel after she made a mysterious move to make someone on the committee,Walter Sims, to drop out. Anita urges Mike to quit his journey on becoming a lawyer considering the vote for him to pass the bar has to be unanimous.

“And you’re never getting my vote,” she says after she hints to Harvey that she knows he’s in on Mike’s plan to pass the bar too.

Mike doesn’t waste time and tries to find a precedent case in which someone passed the bar without a unanimous vote. He goes to do his research while Rachel tries to find a way to get Anita off the board.

‘The Donna’ is Already in Trouble

Meanwhile, Donna is still on a trek to patent “The Donna” with Louis. He tells her about his problems with Tara and she sees that as a red flag but lets him move forward with his meeting to get the patent. Unfortunately, it goes terribly as Louis and Donna are accused of copying a product that already exists; it’s to the tune of a $19 million lawsuit if they decide to move forward with “The Donna.”  

Harvey confronts Craig Seidel about Anita’s new position. When Craig tells Harvey there’s nothing he can do, Harvey tries to take another route by finding dirt on Sims to get Anita out of the picture.

Oliver has a confrontation of his own after he figures out that Mike is still trying to pass the bar. He tells Mike that he has to tell Nathan. Mike responds by hitting below the belt and reminding Oliver about a case that he blew a few episodes ago. Oliver promises not to tell Nathan but only under the condition that Mike leaves the clinic and goes back to his “corrupt world” at the firm with Harvey.

Mike’s Big Moment Arrives

At the highly anticipated hearing, Mike proves he has done his research on what it takes to stand before the bar panel. For example, Anita says that the bar does not pass felons, but Mike brings up a past case in which it did. Harvey studies his own subject and tries to get something on Walter instead of attending the hearing. He visits a private investigator who also can’t find anything on Walter, even after threatening him. Mike goes on to tell the board he regrets pretending to be a lawyer “with every fiber” of his “being.”

Anita isn’t moved and she and Mike go head-to-head again after she brings up Mike’s early jail release. She accuses him of trying to trick the board when Rachel breaks her silence to help Mike. Gibbs tries to shut it down but thanks to Rachel and MIke’s research, Mike is allowed to have a witness. Mike goes to see none other than Julius and asks him to be his character witness. But he’s hit with the harsh reality that Julius doesn’t believe he’s changed since his days in prison. So Mike has to admit he pulled strings to get an interview with the bar. He explains he wants to be a lawyer so he can truly help people. It looks like that was enough for Julius to have a change of heart.

Harvey Hits a Low Point, Things Look Up for Mike

Harvey still has no luck with finding Walter’s possible secret. Donna pushes him to try harder, but when he goes to see Walter face-to-face, it doesn’t end how he’d hope. He’s discouraged until Donna points out that Anita would not have been able to snatch him off the bar if he was squeaky clean. He bulldozes Walter to try to get some dirt on him but Walter isn’t budging. So Harvey gets physical and vows to Walter he’ll find out what Anita and Walter have on one another. But Walter sticks to his story that they aren’t hiding anything; leaving Harvey speechless.

As for Louis, he has to admit that his broken relationship with Tara is interfering with his ability to do his job and help “The Donna” get the patent. He tells Donna they can only use the device in-house, which isn’t enough for Donna. So Ben suggests they go after the men who want to sue them, but Donna has to “think about it.”

Julius decides to show up at the hearing and discredits Anita’s claims that Mike had an early release. The two go head-to-head but Julius’ accusations that Anita has already made her mind up about Mike shows that she shouldn’t be on the panel. While Mike had a good day, Harvey is unsuccessful in getting Gibbs off the committee and it looks like Mike is giving up for good. So Harvey tries one more thing and goes to meet with Anita in person. She cuts him a deal but not one that Harvey or Mike would ever want to hear. She tells him the only way she’ll let Mike into the bar is if Harvey admits that he knew Mike was practicing without a law license; this could ruin Harvey’s career altogether.

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But it doesn’t look like Mike is having as much good luck as he thought. He tells Nathan the truth about the bar and instantly gets fired. Interestingly enough, Oliver stands up for him. Nathan is reluctant to keep him on the team but proves he’s all about the money right now and says Mike can stay on if he brings another $50,000 case.

A Surprise Helps Mike Pass the Bar

Harvey seriously considers taking the fall for Mike, but Louis is totally against it. And the only thing that appears to change his mind is Mike calling off Harvey’s plan himself. Just when Anita thinks she has Mike and Harvey where she wants them, Jessica makes a huge return and throws a monkey wrench into the situation and reveals she knew about Mike pretending to be a lawyer. Jessica then reminds Anita to show compassion toward Mike and finally reveals the connection between Walter and Anita. The crew then waits it out while the bar panel deliberates on Mike’s future as a lawyer. Harvey gets a call and finds out that Mike passed the bar.

Meanwhile, Louis is still concerned about his relationship with Tara. He listens to a voicemail from her at the end of the episode and while viewers can’t hear it, it looks like she has decided to end things as Louis bursts into tears; only for Rachel to comfort him.

Mike and Harvey Seal The Deal

Now that he’s passed the bar, Harvey offers Mike a deal that Mike wanted to refuse at first but couldn’t help but consider at the firm. Harvey pulls out all the stops to and it works; but not before Mike sets his own terms and sets up the clinic for success. He then tells Harvey that he wants his office. What do you think about Mike taking Harvey’s offer? How do you feel about Jessica’s return? Do you think Tara should have given Louis another chance? Let us know in the comment section below!

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