There’s one question every fan of This Is Us can’t stop obsessing over, and ironically, it’s one we probably don’t want to see answered — when and how will Jack die? As much as we don’t want to lose our beloved papa Pearson, we need to know when this will be revealed to us. Well, Chrissy Metz (who plays Kate Pearson) has an answer for us. Sort of. Find out what she had to say about Jack’s death as well as a storyline she felt was especially important for her character to have.

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If you’re expecting to find out how Jack dies this season on This Is Us, abandon all hope. In a recent interview with Glamour Magazine, actress Chrissy Metz shot down hope of that answer this season. When asked if we will find out how he dies in the final episodes, Metz had this to say:

“Not specifically. I think they’re going to string that out as much as they can. [Laughs]

Well at least someone thinks it’s funny. Have no fear though, as Metz also assured fans that what we do see will be very good, but also might break your heart. The usual order for This Is Us.

“It’s difficult in that you don’t want to give it away but you also want to play it very authentically. When people ask questions, you’re like, ‘Oh my God. I can’t say what I want to say because you’re going to eventually find out.’ You’ll find out some information, but you won’t find out everything, and that’s even more heart-wrenching.”

Looks like we’ll have to stop obsessing about Jack’s death for the time-being. Instead, let’s focus on Kate and her storyline. Kate’s been through a lot in this first season, and narrowly avoided a sticky love triangle (for now) between her, Toby and Duke. While many fans were upset at the very notion that Kate would dare break sweet Toby’s heart, Metz felt it was an important story to tell for her character.

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“I think it’s important that the plus-size girl on the show had two suitors at one time and she’s coming into her own,” she said about the love triangle. “When you have that confidence, confidence is attractive. And whether or not [Duke] was the devil on her shoulder — which, he was — he also was important and really instrumental in her process at that immersion camp. But he’s such a stud, and Adam Bartley played Duke so wonderfully. It was like, ‘Ahhhh!’ [Laughs] So many people were like, ‘He’s hot. She totally should have been with him!”

We’re not buying it, Chrissy. Anyone who would have wanted you to leave Toby is a total monster.

“But the thing is,” she added, “because Kate had been so adamant about having a true and honest relationship and putting herself first, I think she would have felt even worse if she would have done something. Even though maybe part of her … I mean, she definitely did contemplate it, so …”

What do you think? Should Kate have hooked up with Duke? Vent your This Is Us frustrations in the comments below!

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