If you loved last season’s “Frontierland” then you’ll love this week’s episode of Supernatural, because it’s kind of the same thing. Dean goes back in time and, with a little help from a historical figure and Back to the Future, saves the day.

Luckily, time travel is my favorite thing ever, so I’m willing to overlook the similarities and enjoy the nonstop Untouchables love, the return of Sheriff Jodie Mills and the fantastic Jason Dohring.

We begin with Sam and Dean heading to Ohio thanks to a tip from Sheriff Mills, who has taken the news of Bobby pretty hard. She’s coping by filling his shoes, picking up the stuff from his storage lockers and playing surrogate parent to the boys.

The discover bodies being drained of their life energy and quickly find Chronos, the God of Time. Dean, being the reckless fool that he is, tackles him and gets zapped back in time.

1944: Dean and Eliot Ness

In 1944, Dean gets arrested, but luckily Eliot Ness shows up and he’s a Hunter. Dean geeks out as a huge fan of The Untouchables, but he’s disappointed by the fact that it’s not like the movie at all. After getting a 1940s makeover from a Bobby-esque woman (who also gets to kiss Dean for good luck), they track Chronos to a house where he’s living with a woman.

This is where it becomes exactly like “Frontierland” as Dean uses Back to the Future, Part 3 as inspiration to write a letter to Sam in the future and leave it in the house they’ll be staying in.

There’s a bit of a twist as Chronos turns out to be a pretty decent god, and he only kills people so he can get enough time energy to jump back to 1944 to be with the woman he loves. But he’s still killing people, so Eliot Ness and Dean find a dagger to kill him and show up to his house.

The Present: Sam and Sheriff Mills

While Dean is living the Untouchable life in 1944, Sam and Sheriff Mills try to find a way to get him back. I like that Supernatural is using Frank and Jodie as substitutes for Bobby, but it’s also clear that neither of them are quite up to the task. Bobby left big shoes to fill.

Sam finds the note Dean left in the past and it gives him the date he was sent to, so Sam uses a summoning spell to get Chronos back, hopefully with Dean coming along for the ride. It works, and Dean, Chronos and the dagger all show up.

Sam wastes little time killing Chronos, which is a sad loss, but before he goes he reveals Sam’s future, and it’s full of black goo and Leviathan domination. “Enjoy oblivion” isn’t exactly the kind of thing you want to hear from someone who knows your future.

Next on Supernatural: Sadly the show is taking two weeks off, but on February 3 Dean has some sexy fun time with Aunt Jenna from The Vampire Diaries, who then gives birth to a rapidly aging girl who shows up to announce that Dean is her daddy. Demon spawn!

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