This week Supernatural decided do go all-out with the comedy in a hilarious episode that starts with a possible alien abduction. Instead, it’s revealed that a watchmaker made a deal with a leprechaun to bring over some elves to work in his shop, but the payment was for fairies to kidnap first-born sons.

I know that sounds insane, and if you tell anyone who doesn’t watch Supernatural the plot of this episode, they’ll think you’re crazy. But somehow it all works, and it results in an explosively funny episode.

Here’s a rundown of the brilliant, crazy comedy from “Clap Your Hands If You Believe.”

The X-Files Parody

The episode opens with the standard X-Files style of having the town and state typed out on the screen. We also get a pitch-perfect parody of the opening credits from The X-Files, which you can watch HERE.

Dean Gets Abducted

While investigating the crop circle a bright light arrives and Dean freaks out because he’s having a close encounter. The whole time soulless Sam is on the phone mocking Dean because he doesn’t care.

Dean Finds Sam in Bed

With Dean abducted, soulless Sam spends about an hour investigating, not caring one bit that his brother is gone. Instead, he decides to have sex with an alien groupie, only to get caught by Dean when he returns. Soulless Sam may be a dick, but he’s a very funny dick.

Dean vs. the Fairy

The lights return and Dean has another close encounter, only this time we see the culprit is a fluttering ball of light, a fairy! What follows is an epic battle as Dean fights a fairy. It’s ridiculous, awesome and, best of all, it ends when Dean traps the fairy in a microwave and nukes the little bugger.

Fairy Lessons

Once they know their foe, Sam and Dean visit a crazy old fairy-loving lady who tells them all about the fairies, gnomes, goblins and more. They love cream and if you spill sugar or salt on the ground, they need to immediately count every grain. They also live in a magical fairy land which is like a parallel universe, and over there the king of the fairies, Oberon, likes capturing humans to serve him. It’s heavy in exposition, but getting to hear soulless Sam ask Dean if her serviced Oberon, king of the fairies makes it all worth it.

Dean’s Hate Crime

Dean is later followed by a fairy, so he hides then starts attacking a little person, repeatedly calling him a fairy. He’s arrested, because the fairy tricked him and the little person is a local district attorney. Thus we see Dean put into a cop car as he screams out, “Fight the fairies!”

Sam vs. the Leprechaun

Sam finally comes face-to-face with the leprechaun, who is also the lead alien expert using UFOs as a cover story. He offers Sam a deal because leprechauns can use magic to get into the cage and retrieve Sam’s soul. Instead, Sam spills some salt so the leprechaun has to count it while Sam sends all the fairies back to their universe.

So in the end, Dean wonders if Sam didn’t accept the deal because he doesn’t really want his soul back. Sam says that’s not the reason, but I have a hard time believing that. Sam is clearly loving his soulless life, and if I’m being totally honest, I’m in no rush for him to get it back either. Soulless is easily my favorite character on Supernatural.

In two weeks on Supernatural: Meg is back and the boys get stuck in Hell’s prison. It looks an awful lot like the Saw movies, so I guess the fun, fairy jokes are done and we’re getting back to blood and gore.

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