In the Suits summer finale the truth came out about Daniel Hardman’s fabrication of the Coastal Motors memo that got Donna fired. With Hardman kicked out of the firm and Donna firmly back in place, what’s going to happen in the final six episodes of season 2?

Sarah Rafferty spoke with reporters on a conference call to spill on the remaining episodes.

How do you think Donna has been affected by the coastal murders case and the firing?

I can imagine that Donna is going to desire to have some one-on-one time with Daniel Hardman as a result of what he did to her. So that’s something that she’s going to need to have an opportunity for some closure in that way.

What’s going to happen with Louis?

I think everybody is going to be a little guarded about Louis because, they feel really betrayed by him. So, it’s going to be a process, their relationship is going to be a process and Louis is going to have to work at that going forward.

And so that will lead to some interesting situations with Donna and Louis. Because Donna did have I think you witnessed, you know, an affinity for Louis in a unique way. And that was really challenged.

Will there still be ramifications from missing document fiasco with Harvey or any of the others at the firm?

No, I think Donna’s ready to move on and put it behind her. Yes, that sounds short and sweet but I think it’s true. I think that’s Donna’s style. She’s looking ahead.

Does Donna get involved at all with Rachel’s father coming in the third episode?

You know what, that is so funny that you bring that up. When I – the answer is Donna is not that involved actually with Rachel’s father coming to town but it’s an amazing – it’s a great episode because we really do get to learn so much more about Rachel.

What can you tell us about the upcoming episodes?

I’m trying to think what else there is that I could tell you about. You know, what’s fun is in the back six we get a little bit more into Harvey’s personal life and that’s always fun for Donna.

Does Donna have an aspiration to become a lawyer herself? Or do you ever talk about where you would like to see in the future?

I think that Donna – and she said it sort of straight up to Rachel when they went out for drinks. Do you remember that episode? And she says I’m a legal secretary but that’s not who I am.

She said I’m proud of that fact but it’s not who I am. And I think one of the things that makes Donna – that I really admire about Donna is that she’s really comfortable with who she is and she’s really proud of who she is. And I don’t – I think she recognizes that she’s indispensable. So I don’t believe that she aspires to be anybody other than herself.

The second season definitely has had a darker tone. Have you enjoyed the intensity of this season versus the first season?

Yes you’re absolutely right. It did get darker this season. And I have enjoyed it, I think we all have. I think because the nature of being in the second season there was the time and the luxury to really dig in with these people. And, you know, as an actor I was totally psyched that Donna got fired and all that messy stuff that was going to come out of that.

And what pops in my mind right now is kind of one of the first big blowout scenes for Donna was the scene in – I don’t know if you remember in I think it was episode 205 when Harvey comes into the bathroom and they have it out. And she admits that she destroyed the document and then realizes what a mistake that was.

And he says I’m not going to fire you, I might kill you but I’m not going to fire you. And, you know, that was exciting when the material took that kind of turn. I had fun with it and hopefully the fans too.

Donna getting fired was one of the biggest moments of the first part of season two, it was jaw-dropping. What was that like for you to play it out especially with Gabriel Macht?

It was really exciting. Gosh it was really exciting, because like I said before, taking that kind of turn into the relationship getting very messy was fun to play as an actor. So just how much it complicated their relationship in the episodes that followed was great.

And also what was really fun was that the flashback episode came after that so we got to flash back to a time when things were – when they were younger and more energized and more lighthearted. We got to flash back to that too which I felt was kind of perfectly timed considering all the heaviness that was going on in their situation.

Suits returns for the final six episodes of season 2 on Thursday, January 17 at 10 pm ET. You can catch up or re-watch the first 22 Suits episodes for free on-demand or online.

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