Hanna is convinced that Noel Kahn has been involved with A from the very beginning and desperately tries to convince the other Liars about her gut feeling. Her ominous dream that Noel puts Caleb in danger becomes even scarier when Mrs. Grunwald returns to Rosewood to warn her that she’s in trouble. Meanwhile, Aria and Ezra deal with Nicole’s possible return and the Liars interrogate Mary Drake’s old doctor at Radley. From passive aggression to their classic sarcasm, here are the best quotes from “Exes and OMGs”.

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“You guys, Noel’s been in the middle of everything that’s happened to us. He clearly has more A-ness than anyone else out there.”
– Hanna

PLL708-1.jpgHanna: “So you’re fine? Really fine?”
Caleb: “I’m fine.”
Hanna: “Really?”
Caleb: “Fine.”

PLL708-2.jpgCaleb: “You can’t be too careful with Noel and Jenna running free.”
Hanna: “Really? I hate breaking in new phones.”
Caleb: “Well, Noel’s already found his way into your dreams. That’s close enough.”

PLL708-3.jpg “Aria. Take a deep breath. It’s been proven to prevent explosions in small women.”
– Emily

PLL708-4.jpgAria: “Nicole could be alive, Emily.”
Emily: “First off, you can’t root for her not to be alive…”

PLL708-5.jpg “Well, I’ve got to go. Hell hath no fury like my teachers when I forget ‘Thank God It’s Danish Day.'”
– Principal Hackett

PLL708-6.jpgEmily: “So. How was your first day of school?”
Alison: “Usual pranks.”

PLL708-7.jpg “How about we skip the part where I try and guess what’s going on and you just tell me?”
– Alison to Emily

PLL708-8.jpg “Goodness, Hanna. You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”
– Mrs. Grunwald

PLL708-9.jpg “431 Evangeline Highway. It’s an apartment complex outside of town, it’s a real pit. You should feel right at home.”
– Dr. Cochran’s daughter to Spencer

PLL708-10.jpgHanna: “Someone just died here in this hotel.”
Mrs. Grunwald: “Many people died here, Hanna.”

PLL708-11.jpgAlison: “What did Shakespeare observe in human nature that rings true today?”
Student: “That some people like to troll other people?”

PLL708-12.jpgStudent: “If you’re the King or the Queen, and people look up to you … you can say or do whatever you want. And get away with it.”
Alison: “Until your lies catch up to you.”
Student: “Yeah. Well. You’d know.”

PLL708-13.jpgPrincipal Hackett: “Alison. Mrs. … Miss –“
Alison: “DiLaurentis.”

PLL708-14.jpgSpencer: “Okay Hanna, we’re all here. What’s the emergency?”
Hanna: “I had a nightmare that Caleb was ran over by a car. But, he’s okay. And then Grunwald showed up and said he’s not okay. And then Noel Kahn showed up and made Grunwald’s head explode.”
Aria: “To be fair, that does sound like an emergency.”

PLL708-15.jpgAria: “Wait, we weren’t even together last night.”
Hanna: “No, we were in my dream. Catch up.”

PLL708-16.jpgHanna: “You guys are never going to realize that Noel is the one behind everything!”
Emily: “Never say never.”
Hanna: “Oh, thanks Pam.”
Emily: “Hey!”

PLL708-17.jpgDr. Cochran: “I don’t often get a visit from such a pretty couple of girls.”
Aria: “Shock.”

PLL708-18.jpg “Hey. Curb the perv. Or the bottle walks.”
– Spencer to Dr. Cochran

PLL708-19.jpg “I think we’re gonna need more wine.”
– Paige

PLL708-20.jpg “The deal’s on. I get you the money. You give me the keys. Tonight. And then you forget you ever heard from me. My name. The location. This number. All of it. Do you understand? Good. The less you know about this the better.”
– Hanna

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