On this episode of Suits, “Spain,” Kevin’s revelation leaves Mike confused and angry which complicates his and Harvey’s plans, Sutter throws Harvey a curve ball and Louis’ plan to woo Tara hits a snag. 

Harvey continues to walk a razor thin line between legal and illegal as he defends Sutter. Cahill has sent down the indictments, and Harvey leaves his client to cool his heels and find out what Cahill thinks Kevin knows. Again, Cahill worries this is colluding, but Harvey clarifies that it’s simply discovery. You show me yours, I’ll show you mine type of deal.

Too Close To Home

Kevin developed the trading programs that Sutter claims to use to get his superior returns. The program has to be bogus because if it’s not, then Sutter isn’t inside trading, and Cahill knows that’s not a possibility. So, Cahill needs Kevin to testify that the software is shit and Sutter knows it.

Harvey questions what Cahill put Kevin away for. Cahill gets cagey, but Harvey explains that knowing that piece of info might help them figure out his weak spot. When Harvey learns it was drunk driving, he’s less than thrilled that Cahill didn’t clue him in sooner. Of course, Cahill had no idea Mike’s parents were killed by a drunk driver.

Mike and Kevin have quite the on-again, off-again thing going on. Now that Kevin’s warming back up, Mike is backing off. He’s probably feeling a lot less guilty about turning on his cellmate now that he knows the guy got behind the wheel while intoxicated. The fact he failed to kill anyone doesn’t seem to be lessening the sting for Mike.

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Mike had a nightmare that Kevin killed Rachel, and since he talks in his sleep, he has no choice but to come clean when Kevin starts asking questions about Mike muttering about someone not finding out and then calling out Kevin’s name.

Mike tells Kevin about his dream, and it clicks for Kevin about Mike’s parents. Mike questions if Kevin is sorry for almost killing someone. Kevin confesses he feels horrible about what happened that night, and while the guy he hit is fully recovered, Kevin’s still in prison paying for his crime. But if Mike has to be pissed off at him to work out his own issues, Kevin says that’s his roomie’s issue.

Jessica Plays Hardball

Things just got real for Sutter, and it’s time he starts confiding in his attorney. Cahill says Sutter can’t make the returns that he does, but Sutter claims that he can, and Harvey wants to know how. Sutter sticks to his story about the program designed by Kevin. Harvey says all they have to do is hand it over to Cahill who just subpoenaed it-problem solved. Unfortunately, Sutter informs Harvey that the trades on which he makes the most money, have nothing to do with that program.

Harvey asks if Sutter is admitting to insider trading, but all Sutter will own is that sometimes he goes from the gut. Harvey says that sounds an awful lot like B.S.

Sutter asks Harvey to pick up a journal and choose a stock, any stock. Sutter proves he’s got some legit mad skills when it comes to trading. Harvey loves a good parlor trick, but he promises his client it’s not going to help him with that subpoena. Sutter claims it’s no trick, and Harvey is going to have to find a way to stop Cahill from getting his hand on that program.

While Harvey is busting his ass to save Mike, Jessica is working to save the firm. She ambushes Sutter at lunch and demands that he agree to let Pearson Specter Litt represent his investment business. Sutter says the deal is that once Harvey gets him off, then the firm gets the rest of his business. Jessica doesn’t care what the deal was. Now that the indictments have come down, Harvey’s going to be spending all his time on Sutter, and she wants something in return.

Either Sutter gives them all his business or they quit. It will look like they realized his case was a loser, and they want to distance themselves from it which Sutter can’t afford. He questions if Jessica really wants to start off their working relationship this way, but Jessica doesn’t care how it starts, she cares how it looks. Hence, the very public meeting. Score one for Jessica.

Truth or Consequence?

Mike goes to Julius for help. He wants therapy. Not real therapy, just enough so he can act normal around Kevin. Julius explains the goal of therapy isn’t to act normal but to be normal. Mike tells Julius about his dream and how they fought over Kevin’s apparent lack of remorse. 

Julius thinks Mike picked a fight because he doesn’t want to think about the real reason he may have had that dream-Mike doesn’t want to deal with the fact that he’s betraying his friend. Julius informs Mike that his actions have consequences that extend beyond Mike getting out early. Once again, Mike leaves Julius’ office disgruntled and disappointed.

Love and Real Estate

Thanks to Donna, Louis is about to close on his new Hamptons house in just a couple of months. In the meantime, he gets to spend time with the woman of his dreams. His plan to woo her hits a hiccup when Tara requests that they take a look at the property in person. When Tara mentions that she thought they could have lunch as part of the excursion, Louis gets so excited at the prospect, he agrees to make the trip happen. 

Of course Louis runs to Donna to perform a miracle. He needs access to his new home and all evidence of the previous occupants gone. Donna points out there’s never been a one-day escrow in the history of escrows, but Louis wants his Girl Friday to get people to do things they would never be willing to do in an impossible time frame. Done.

The Clock Starts Ticking

In court, Cahill and Harvey are fighting over the program. Harvey argues that the minute Cahill gets his hands on it, everyone will know what’s on the program, guaranteeing Sutter’s secret weapon will be a secret no more and guaranteeing his firm goes down. Harvey proves his point when he brings up a similar fishing expedition Cahill conducted six years ago. Cahill subpoenaed a proprietary trading program from Kessler Capital. It proved no wrong doing, and the company went under ten months later. The judge denies Cahill’s request.

Sutter isn’t satisfied with Harvey’s win. He wants a motion to file for dismissal. This obviously doesn’t work for Harvey because of Mike, but he can’t tell his client that. Instead, he tries to convince Sutter that you only get one shot at dismissal, and now isn’t the time. Sutter disagrees. He doesn’t think Cahill has anything. Plus, he’s still peeved about being strong-armed by Jessica and is taking it out on Harvey. 

Harvey tells Jessica that Sutter is using what she did as leverage to get him to move for immediate dismissal, and there’s a good chance it will work. If it does, Mike’s chance of getting out goes with it, and it will be Jessica’s fault. 

Jessica believes Harvey is in this position because of Sutter, not her. He’d be demanding to have the case dismissed whether they had his other business or not. Jessica has been busting her ass trying to drum up clients for days and they’ve been asking why the firm didn’t have Sutter’s investment business. Sutter is their golden goose whether Harvey likes it or not. 

Jessica suggests that instead of Harvey blaming her for the position he’s in, he needs to figure a way out of it. 

Rachel has a Problem Named Maria

Rachel is spinning her wheels when it comes to Leonard Bailey. It took some convincing, but Jessica offered to be the attorney on record, claiming she’d like the firm to be remembered for something more than hiring a fraud. But she’s so busy trying to save a sinking ship, she’s had to put Rachel on hold, so Rachel goes to see Professor Dunbar. She uses those big doe eyes to convince him to file a motion to reopen his case. The bad news is that the motion won’t work. The standard to reopen is higher than what’s on the books. Rachel needs something undeniable. 

Rachel goes to see Leonard to let him know her firm is taking his case. The bad news is they need to find the grounds to get it reopened. Rachel went through Leonard’s case file and discovered he was with a woman that night who can testify that he didn’t kill the couple. It was never admitted because the woman, Maria Gomez, up and disappeared. He had an alibi witness, and his attorney let her get away. So Rachel needs to find Maria.

Rachel tracks down the public defender who handled Leonard’s case. She wants to know why the woman didn’t put more effort into following up with Maria. The attorney defends her actions, stating she wasn’t sure a drug addict with a prior conviction would help Leonard’s case. It turns out that Maria and Leonard were on meth at the time of the murders, and it wasn’t the first time. The attorney tells Rachel she’s wasting her time trying to reopen this case.

Rachel calls out Leonard for lying to her, but it wasn’t for the reason she may think. He’s ashamed of how he used to be. Leonard knows he’s done some bad things, but he swears murder isn’t one of them. He promises Rachel he’ll never leave her out of the loop again. 

Whatever it Takes

Harvey goes to see Cahill, offering to give him the program. It’s the Hail Mary Cahill needs to keep the case going. Harvey doesn’t come right out and say it because that would be illegal, but Cahill gets the gyst. He reminds Harvey that he promised to defend Sutter to the best of his ability. Harvey meant it, but he also knew that when push came to shove, he’d do whatever he had to in order to get Mike out. Harvey also believes that this case means more to Harvey than he’s letting on, and all this colluding talk is smoke and mirrors. Like it or not, they’re in this together. Cahill doesn’t bend. 

You’ve Got to Give to Get

Julius finds Mike in the prison library and gives Mike a peek into his personal life. Julius’ dad was a criminal. At age 15, Julius was angry and messed up and started acting out. His mom made him see someone who helped the counselor realize that if he didn’t change, Julius was going to ruin his life. That’s why Julius does what he does. 

Julius hopes that by opening up to Mike, they might establish some trust, and Mike will let Julius help him.

Harvey is running out of time, but Donna informs him that Cahill is going to depose Miller and Sutter. This gives Harvey a stay of execution as long as the judge waits to rule on his motion until after Cahill conducts his interviews. Donna questions what happens if Cahill doesn’t get enough from the depositions to keep the case alive, and Harvey tells her that Mike’s chance for getting out of prison is gone.

Harvey has to use the depositions to his advantage, so he orchestrates a plan. He gets Sutter and Kevin in the same room to get them to practice what they’ll say. Also on hand is Mike. Harvey tells Sutter that Mike is a great stand in for Cahill because he practices law around the guy, and he doesn’t even have a degree. Harvey and Mike’s real goal is to piss Kevin off.

Mike points out that while Kevin has been rotting away in prison, his father-in-law hasn’t come to visit him once. Sutter claims to be grateful for everything Kevin’s done for him, but Kevin isn’t convinced. Mike and Harvey are capitalizing on the bad blood between the two men. Sutter’s been living it up on the outside while Kevin hasn’t been able to see his wife and kids. 

Kevin declares that Sutter is completely self-involved, and then tells him that he’s done with him and storms out. Harvey tells Sutter this display of aggression is exactly why he wanted Mike around. If Kevin gets any funny ideas, Mike will calm his down.

Mike goes to work on Kevin. Kevin got three years because when they offered him a deal, he turned it down. It turns out Sutter isn’t the only one he’s protecting. Kevin’s wife, Jill, knew the trading program he developed was no good and that her father had been insider trading the whole time. That was the catalyst for their fight, and why he went out and got drunk. He had to choose between serving for three years, or the mother of his children going away for much longer.

All Kevin wanted to do was win Sutter’s approval, and when he developed that program, he though he had. But he learned that his father-in-law got one over on him. Mike asks what Kevin would do if he could return the favor. Mike encourages him to take the deal but make sure Jill gets immunity first. Kevin doesn’t want to take the risk, and he makes Mike swear he won’t tell anyone what he knows.

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Score One for Louis

Despite their best laid plans, Louis gets busted trying to pass off his newly-purchased abode as an ancestral home. Tara thinks he was scamming her for free design work, so he has no choice but to admit his feelings for her. She’s blown away by Louis grandiose scheme to spend time with her and agrees to have dinner with him. 


Cahill reveals to Harvey why he’s so invested in the Sutter case. His mother is a lifelong teacher, but she lost her pension when the state invested with William Sutter. 

The judge decided to rule on the motion to dismiss which means Cahilll and Harvey are out of time, and Cahill wants that trading program.

Suits airs Wednesdays at 9pm on USA.

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