Dr. Camille “Cam” Saroyan is the type of character you either love or hate. Regardless of how you feel about her, there’s no denying what she’s capable of as the head of the Jeffersonian Institute’s Forensic Division. Here are five reasons why Cam makes an awesome boss.

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1. She Has Good Credentials

Before joining the Jeffersonian as Dr. Daniel Goodman’s replacement, Cam worked as a cop in New York for 11 years. She later became the youngest coroner in New York City, where she performed autopsies in stressful and unsanitary conditions. She’s smart, gutsy and her history as a cop has no doubt given her exposure to the criminal justice system– giving her an advantage among other people in the lab.


2. She Refuses to Break the Law

To say that Cam lives by the book is an understatement. Her dedication to the law is sometimes so extreme that she appears unlikable to other team members, giving you yet another reason to hate her. She fired Wendell for his use of cannabis to treat his cancer out of fear he would jeopardize cases and she didn’t cover up evidence that claimed Brennan was a murderer even though she was being framed by Pelant. She always sticks by the rules even when she doesn’t want to. And while it makes her seem harsh, it also makes her a hero. Remember when she was the only one who hadn’t done what Pelant expected, leading to Brennan’s freedom?


3. She’s a Den Mother

Though the spotlight isn’t always on Cam, she is arguably the glue that hold the team together. After all, she is the boss. She serves as a necessary mother figure that rules over the chaos in the lab.



4. She’s a Good Friend

Despite her strict, and sometimes cold, demeanor Cam remains a good friend to her team, most especially to Booth. She always shows genuine concern for his well-being and  gives great advice.



5. She’s Capable of Having Fun

Cam may be extremely focused on her work but she knows how to have fun. Not only does she have drinks with her team after work, she also goes on dates. She’s can even be unintentionally funny.



So you think Cam is a good boss? 

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