On this episode of Teen Wolf, “A Credible Threat,” Mason figures out how the Dread Doctors are controlling The Beast, Scott and his friends try to prevent a charity lacrosse game from turning into a bloodbath, Malia faces her mother once again and Chris, Gerard and Lydia try to help Parrish.

Parrish is determined to find out what happens when his Mr. Hyde/Hellhound side comes out. He asks Chris Argent and Scott to follow him on one of his nightly walkabouts. If he’s doing very bad things, he wants them to make sure he stops, even if that means putting him down.

Wild Things

Argent, Scott, Stiles and Liam track Parrish to the high school where they find a ton of corpses There’s one poor sucker still hanging by a thread calling out for help, but Parrish appears and warns them it’s a trap. Sure enough, The Beast was laying in wait and decides to make his presence known.

Parrish goes after the monster, and The Beast takes off. Scott asks what is happening, and Argent tells him The Beast is getting smarter.

Malia Takes Refuge from the Desert Wolf

Malia is still in danger. She and Braeden have taken refuge at Scott’s house. Malia thinks they are being overly cautious, since Deaton said the Desert Wolf can’t take her power back until the full moon. Braeden says that just because there are rules for taking her power back, it doesn’t mean Malia’s mother is going to follow them. Melissa spreads some Mountain Ash, locks Malia in the house and secures the girl’s safety for at least one night.

Mason Makes an Important Discovery

Corey has had his fill of Beacon Hills and is ready to hit the road. His torso still looks like a piece of burnt toast, but he is healing. Mason reminds Corey of all his cool powers: He can become invisible, he’s fast and he’s strong. Mason tells Corey people that like him need people like Corey to save their asses. Corey thinks Mason will do just fine without his help. Mason is smart, and the smart ones always survive.

Mason is convinced they can make it through this latest threat together. Scott is going to have a plan, he always does. Mason reveals that a couple of weeks ago, Scott brought Hayden to the school and they used cell phone jammers to block the frequency of the Dread Doctors. All of a sudden, Mason has an “aha” moment.

Every time The Beast shows up, it’s near a transmission source. Maybe this is how the Dread Doctors are controlling their creature, by broadcasting a high-frequency transmission. This revelation comes at an unfortunate time. There’s a big lacrosse match between Beacon Hills and Devenford Prep, and it’s going to be covered by the local news which means that there will be two or three vans, all transmitting. Mason predicts people are going to die. A lot of people.

Scott Tries to Prevent a Massacre

Scott takes this news to Lydia, Liam and Stiles. Scott thinks the Dread Doctors are using the frequencies to make The Beast grow faster. The frequencies are a trigger, and every time The Beast shifts into the werewolf, it gets bigger and stronger. The Dread Doctors aren’t waiting for the full moon. They want The Beast at full power as quickly as possible because of Parrish.

The plan is to get the game canceled, but Liam points out they might be missing out on an opportunity to catch The Beast. They may not know the who, but they do know the when and the where. But with so many lives at stake, Scott believes the risk outweighs the reward.

As the boys leave the library, determined to try and put a halt to the match, Lydia lingers behind. Something is amiss. She wanders into the stacks and finds Parrish who is seriously torn up from the previous night. It looks as if he and The Beast had a tussle, and Parrish got the worst end of it.

Stiles go to his dad, but the Sheriff doesn’t think there’s anything he can do. The game is for charity, and it generates thousands of dollars for the winning school. He would have to go to the school board with a credible threat, and the Sheriff doubts a story about a giant werewolf going on a rampage will fly.

The Sheriff tells Stiles that there’s always someone who can forfeit the game, the coach. Stiles says they are stuck with a substitute who’s strictly by the book. His dad asks about Finstock, but the former coach has been in rehab for seven months. The Sheriff suggests it may be time to check on his progress.

Scott and Stiles go to see Finstock and try and convince the guy to check out and show up for the charity game, but Finstock is content in rehab where there’s zero chance of getting an arrow shot into his gut. Stiles questions how the Coach has managed to prolong his stay, and Finstock admits he conveniently has a relapse every month right before they discharge him.

Finstock has phenomenal health insurance, hates charity and is deeply not interested in returning to coaching. Stiles and Scott inform Finstock he won’t actually have to coach, just forfeit.

Chris and Gerard Prepare Parrish for Battle

Lydia takes Parrish to Chris and Gerard. Parrish is healing, just slowly. He only remembers bits and pieces, moments when he caught up with The Beast, and he was losing.

Chris and Gerard have an idea of how to help Parrish. They wonder if resolving the internal conflict Parrish is experiencing could help resolve the external one he’s having with The Beast. Gerard announces that it’s time for the Deputy and his alter ego to have a proper introduction.

Gerard and Chris want to stick Parrish in a machine that will cool his body down to a temperature that would kill a normal human being. Everything will slow down as a result, Parrish’s hear and mind. It will allow him to consciously access a part of his mind that is usually unconscious, the supernatural part. It is dangerous, but no more so than Parrish failing to evolve to face The Beast.

Parrish enters the machine and becomes a Hellhound-sicle. Whatever is inside that machine does not respond to the name Jordan Parrish. It does know who Lydia is, but when she asks what happened to Parrish, the Hellhound says he died.

The Hellhound tells Lydia Parrish is just a body, a means to an end. The Hellhound is beyond life and death, it’s infinite, and he has no use for the Deputy. Lydia argues they need Parrish, but the Hellhound says Parrish won’t kill The Beast. Lydia replies that she’s a harbinger of death, and people are going to die. If the Hellhound doesn’t let Parrish in the Hellhound will die too, it needs Parrish.

Chris orders Lydia to tell the Hellhound to remember the moment Parrish died. There’s a montage of Parrish detonating that bomb as well as when Allison, Scott and Stiles plunged themselves into those tubs of ice water.

The Hellhound begins to scream, and the door to the chamber bursts open and Parrish falls out. He proclaims he knows who he is and what he has to do, he has to leave.

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The Fox, the Desert Wolf and the Search for a Bloody Shoe

Scott’s pack gathers together to go over their game plan. Mason and Corey are going to break onto the Devenford bus and search the shoes. They know from the shoe print at the hospital they are looking for a size 10, probably with a bloody sole. Malia is tasked with taking out the TV vans, and right before the whistle, the Coach forfeits the game.

Malia questions what happens if their plan doesn’t work, and they have to fight The Beast, especially since Scott still hasn’t fully healed from Theo’s attack. That’s when Scott reveals he is back in fighting shape. The last of his wounds disappeared the night they broke Lydia out of Eichen House, once his pack was back together.

The plan immediately goes awry when Coach Finstock decides he’s not going to forfeit the game after all. However, as long as Malia still takes the wiring out of the van, everybody else has time to look for someone with blood on their shoes. It can’t be that tough to search the bottom of 400 peoples’ feet. (I hate to be the buzzkill here, but wouldn’t someone notice if they were walking around with blood on their shoes, and wouldn’t it have worn off by now?)

The game commences, and Scott quickly realizes he has another problem on his hands. Kira is playing super aggressively, and her problem controlling her inner fox is resurfacing.

Corey and Mason frantically search the Devenford bus, while Brett’s sister lurks under the bleachers checking the bottom of everyone’s feet. Good thing Brett is on board, because Scott tries to reason with Kira, and she’s checked out. So Brett antagonizes her to the point where she cracks him in the skull with her lacrosse stick, resulting in her getting thrown out of the game. Brett can take it, he is a werewolf.

All holy hell is breaking loose on and off the field. Kira is engaged in a nasty battle with Brett’s sister in the locker room. Malia runs into her mother who is interested in doing some dysfunctional mother-daughter bonding, and Corey and Mason get sidetracked from their duties when their hormones go into overdrive on the bus. But in the middle of their make-out session, Corey gets some kind of weird vibe and cuts out the kissy face but won’t tell Mason why.

From the field, Scott can hear Kira fighting and runs in to try and calm her down, but Kira is bitching out big time. She knocks Scott around which has to be a tad emasculating. He keeps calling her name and telling her to stop and, eventually, Kira snaps out of it. She has no memory of anything that’s happened.

The Beast is Unleashed

It’s not all gloom and doom. Hayden tells Liam that she’s ready to switch sides and play for the good guys. She believes in Scott, and whatever happens next, she wants to be with Liam. Usually, moments like this are foretelling of a death, so I’m going to predict Hayden is not much longer for this world.

Malia’s mother questions why her daughter is so emotionally invested in what happens to these people. The Desert Wolf figures out Stiles is important to Malia, and as M turns her head to look at her ex-sweetie, her mother disappears.

Malia takes the opportunity to try and finish the job she started, but while she was tangling with her mum, one of the news guy got a transmitter back up. As he flips the switch, a horrible sound emits from the vans, the kind of high pitched squeal that would attract, say, a huge effing werewolf.

Liam rushes to confront The Beast, ignoring Stiles’ warning. The halls of the school become flooded with people rushing to find safety. Scott, Kira and Brett’s sister are curious what the hell is going on, and when Scott looks out in the hall, he sees gigantic claw marks on one of the doors.

Will the events yet to come finally cause The Beast to remember who and what it is?

Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays at 9pm on MTV.

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