Supernatural has reached Season 10 and with that comes the 200th episode, celebrations and a lot of reminiscing about the years, episodes, and characters. Last month, the cast, producers and crew celebrated this achievement at the Supernatural 200th Episode Party in Vancouver. BuddyTV caught up with the cast on the red carpet. 

Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles Talks Dean’s Crappy Situations; Brothers Back Together

Jensen Ackles teases “Fan Fiction” and the relationship with fans, Jared Padalecki talks about when the studio first mentioned the show going 200 episodes, Mark Sheppard discusses joining the series and playing Crowley and Mark Pellegrino talks about Supernatural‘s unique take on Lucifer and if he could return.

Check out the video interviews below along with a few highlights.

Jensen Ackles Teases Episode 200

Ackles said it’s a “love letter to fans.” There are references to a lot of “online blogging topics” from over the years. To fans, “your voices are heard. Sometimes when you think they’re not heard. Sometimes maybe when they shouldn’t be heard. We’re paying attention, so mind you P’s and Q’s.”

Jared Padalecki on Studio’s Plan for Supernatural Season 10 

Padalecki discusses about a meeting with Warner Bros.TV’s Peter Roth during season 8. Roth talked about continuing the show through episode 200 and said back then that Supernatural would be his third show that hit the 200 episode milestone. 

Padalecki’s happy the studio has the same commitment and passion for the show and the characters as they do.  It’s a “magical combination.” They’ve all had the Kool-Aid.

Who Would Win a Soulless Sam vs. Demon Dean Battle? Jared Padalecki Weighs in!

Mark Sheppard on Supernatural and Playing Crowley

Sheppard says that it’s a “fantastic” group of people and writers to work with on the show. He feels the show’s gotten better and better. Great stories to tell. “You ain’t seen nothing yet” regarding his favorite version of Crowley to play. Season “Ten’s a riot.”

Mark Pellegrino on Lucifer (Plus, a bonus hug from Jensen Ackles mid-interview)

Pellegrino has played several supernatural-like characters, including Lucifer (Supernatural),  (Being Human), Jacob (Lost). He names Lucifer as one of his favorites because they turned the character’s “story on its head.” 

His Lucifer was relatable, truthful, honest and even poignant and loyal. He liked these unexpected characteristics. Lucifer’s sitting in Hell right now, wreaking havoc and ready to come out and “do a little damage to Mark Sheppard (Crowley). I think it’s time.” Could Lucifer return? “That’s not necessarily in the works.”

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