Previously on Supernatural: Bad ass vampire hunter Gordon wanted to kill Sam, but was stuck in jail.  Dean sold his soul to the Crossroads demon to resurrect Sam.  Harmony was turned into a vampire after high school graduation and began sleeping with Spike before becoming a receptionist at Wolfram & Hart.

This episode of Supernatural begins with Bela (Lauren Cohan) getting a visit from Gordon.  He’s out of jail, and wans to know where the Winchesters are.  He threatens to shoot her, and says Sam (Jared Padalecki) is the anti-Christ.  She mocks him, then suggests he can pay for the information.  He doesn’t have enough cash, so she wants his mojo bag.  It’s priceless, but he gives it up, then she calls up Dean (Jensen Ackles).  As if shooting Sam wasn’t enough, I suspect this act will make her irredeemable in fans’ eyes.

The Winchesters are hunting vampires, and Dean takes out a machete and slices open his arm to lure a vampire out.  He offers himself as free lunch, and Harmony (her name is actually Lucy, but it’s Mercedes McNab as a vampire, so I’m going with Harmony) arrives.  She takes a bite, but Dean injects her with something while she starts to break flesh.  They tie her up and interrogate her, and she is freaking out with no clue as to what’s happening.   She tells him some guy was buying her drinks at a bar and gave her some new drug.  She thinks it was a roofie, but Dean knows it was vampire blood.  She pleads some more, and eventually Dean takes the machete and kills her.  Poor Harmony.

Gordon is interrogating a guy who Harmony attacked.  The victim says two guys chased her down the alley, and one was real tall.  Hilariously, that’s enough confirmation that it’s the Winchesters.  Those boys are already at the bar, laying chase to the Vampire Dealer.  During their chase, they ru across Gordon, who walks towards them holding a gun.  A shoot-out ensues, and Dean lays a diversion for Sam to escape.  Being reckless with your life is easy when a demon owns your soul.  They boys escape, but Gordon gets jumped.

Back at their hideout, the Winchesters figure out how Gordon found them, so Dean calls up Bela, who is quite flippant about the whole thing.  Dean vows to kill her if they make it out of this alive.  Bela doesn’t like being threatened and calls them back with a warning.  Sam thinks it’s time to kill Gordon, and the new, resurrected, possibly evil Sam has no qualms about the fact that it would mean killing a human.

Or would it?  Gordon finds himself tied up, surrounded by half-naked, tied-up ladies.  The Vampire Dealer knows all about Gordon Walker, the Vampire Slayer, and vows to make him lunch.  Gordon calls the victimized girls “Fang Whores.”  I get that Gordon is a supremely bad guy, based on trying to kill Sam and all, but he’s making a lot of sense in his hatred of vampires.  Instead of feeding Gordon to the Fang Whores, the Vampire Dealer has a better  idea…and just like that, there’s one more vampire in the world.  I may be a newbie to Supernatural, but this feels like a cop-out to allow the Winchesters to kill Gordon without making them murderers.

A changed man, literally, Vampire Gordon escapes and is overwhelmed by his newly heightened senses.  He sees some guy changing a tire, and decides to make him his first meal.  Gordon visits his Winchester hunting buddy, saying he knows he has to be killed, but first, he wants to kill Sam, because the vampire strength has given him the added power boost to do it.  Gordon’s friend isn’t so sure, and when he tries to sneak up and kill Vampire Gordon, the friend gets killed instead.

The Winchesters arrive at the Vampire Dealer’s nest, and he’s sad because his Fang Whores are dead and he’s regretting ever getting involved with Gordon.  He’s forlorn and thinks his life is meaningless because he’s already dead, and Dean can relate.  Sam notices the Fang Whores weren’t just killed, but their heads were torn off, cluing them in to Gordon’s new status as a vampire.  Back at the hideout, Dean is going out to take down Gordon.  Sam is tired of Dean pretending he’s not afraid of going to Hell.  Sam gives a tearful speech about wanting his brother back, and Dean caves and promises to stay in for the night.

Dean’s new cell phone rings, and it’s Gordon.  He has an innocent girl with him, threatening to kill her unless they show up.  Dean tries to say Gordon won’t because he’s still a hunter, but Gordon assures him that he’s now a monster.  The boys show up, and Dean is quickly locked away with the innocent girl, who was turned into a vampire, so the Sam-Gordon showdown can begin.

The lights go out so Gordon can stalk Sam and go on about how evil he is, how they’re both monsters, and after killing Sam, Gordon will kill himself.  I realize people hate him, but I totally get where Gordon is coming from.  Gordon tackles him through the wall into the room with Dean (who quickly killed the vampire girl) and the fight is on.  Once Sam is swatted away, Gordon takes a big chunk out of Dean’s neck.  He refocuses on Sam, who ties a chain around Gordon’s neck and begins pulling tighter and tighter.  Gordon is spitting up blood as he’s choked to death, and the look on Sam’s face is scary as hell as he feels no remorse in killing Gordon.  Just like that, Gordon is dead.

In the afterglow, Dean is fixing up the Impala, and he’s teaching his little  brother about cars.  Dean lets Sam fix it up, and it’s an awesome brotherly bonding moment.

Supernatural is taking a month-long hiatus, but the Winchester boys return on December 13 for “A Very Supernatural Christmas.”

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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