Previously on Bones, viewers witnessed the much awaited kiss between lead characters Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz).  But what happens next after the slow yet intense romantic build-up?  It’s going to take three more months before fans can enjoy a new episode of the darkly humorous forensics drama.  Meanwhile, here’s a teaser of what’s to follow.

Read on for spoilers on the Bones episode called “The Baby In The Bough,” which is expected to air on April 28.

The 10th episode of season 3 finds Booth and Bones in a storyline that forces them to confront some parenting-related feelings, much the same way their standing-at-the-altar moment in the last episode forced them to confront their repressed romantic feelings for each other.

They investigate the scene where a woman’s car was run off the road and the victim’s body deliberately burned beyond recognition.  Miraculously, her baby survives the accident.  The team designates Brennan as the infant’s caretaker, but when the baby swallows a key piece of evidence, they question her nurturing skills.

The team eventually identifies the victim as a laborer who worked in a tire-recycling factory in a small, impoverished town in Virginia.  In an attempt to find the person responsible for the woman’s death, Brennan and Booth go to the woman’s hometown where their investigation takes them to an array of suspects, including her deadbeat husband to the needy inhabitants of her town.  Meanwhile, the team is fascinated by the presence of a baby in the lab and its affinity for Brennan.

Joining the cast of Bones in this episode are Tom Wilson (Chip Barnett), Nathan Dean (Agent Charlie Burns), Cameron Dye (Lou Taylor), Austin O’Brien (Jimmy Grant), Becky Wahlstrom (Carol Grant), Ronald William Lawrence (Terry), James C. Victor (Rich), and Frank Clem (Earl Delancy).

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