Supernatural has had a wide array of memorable villains over the years.  In fact, we here at BuddyTV are currently putting together a personality quiz that will allow you to discover which of the show’s baddies you most resemble.  The current big bad of the Supernatural universe is Lilith, who came in after Azazel bit the dust and started stirring up all sorts of trouble for the Winchesters.  We already know that Lilith is one extremely scary little girl, but is it possible there’s a demon out there who’s even more deadly and dangerous?

Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello recently revealed that a new demon will soon be terrorizing the Winchesters.  Not only is he extremely powerful, but he may be scary enough to make Lilith shake in her boots.

Ausiello reports that prolific character actor Mark Rolston, who has appeared in everything from 24 to Cold Case to CSI: Miami, has landed the recurring role of Alastair.  The casting breakdown for Alastair describes him as a “calm and composed demon with a placid smile that belies his simmering sadism and evil.  He’s one of the top demons in Hell.  He’s electrifyingly powerful.”  He’ll make his first appearance on the show’s November 13 episode, entitled “Hell’s Angels.”

Does “electrifyingly powerful” mean he’s even more dangerous than Lilith?  “He knows Lilith from Hell, but it’s unclear exactly which of them is the big Big Bad — or if it’s even one of them,” a Supernatural insider tells Ausiello.  “There are a lot of new mythological elements and characters coming into play this season.”

The description of Alastair actually reminds me of the Yellow-Eyed Demon.  Azazel was also calm, composed, disturbingly friendly and supremely powerful.  However, if Alastair was hanging out with Lilith down in Hell, it’s possible he’s even more powerful than ol’ yellow eyes.  I’m interested to see what creator Eric Kripke has in store for this new character.  We may not know much about him, but one thing is for certain: Sam and Dean are going to have their work cut out for them.

If you want to catch a glimpse of Rolston before his scary stint on Supernatural kicks off, you can catch him playing the character of Dan Erickson in Saw V, which hits theaters this weekend.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: Entertainment Weekly
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