BuddyTV readers got themselves worked up into a tizzy this week over which Prison Break characters were in danger.  In season 4, Michael has spent almost every waking moment trying to retrieve The Company’s little black book, known as Scylla, putting himself and his group into grave danger.  Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello first broke the story that a major death was looming and every major television news source jumped on top of it, trying to uncover who it could be.  BuddyTV readers worried it would be a fan favorite, like Sucre or Mahone while others figured the writers would be smart to kill off a dispensable character, such as Bellick.  Here are a few more clues – see if you can figure out who’s going to bite it.


E! Online received confirmation that several characters were going to be in danger in upcoming episodes.  “We’re going to lose a couple of people, a couple of people we have loved from the beginning,” E!’s Kristen Vietch said. “And we’re very, very, very sorry to see go. And we may be starting to lose the one person none of us thought we could.”  This only solidified my prediction earlier in the week that Sucre was going to die after an undercover operation goes wrong and he is shot.

Prison Break’s leading fan site, prisonbreakmanhunt.com, has listed some clues about the upcoming episode and it turns out, there’s going to be more than one death. Here’s what they had to say:

  • There will be three big deaths over the next two episodes (though just a reminder that there is no episode on 10/27 due to the World Series).
  • One character that dies will be a major character that has been on the show since day one (which leaves out Mahone and Roland).
  • Over the next two episodes, there will be a shooting, a drowning, and a character who gets tortured.
  • One character does something extremely heroic.
  • Michael Scofield will not be one of the characters that dies. 

Time to make some predictions.  I’m going to say: Sucre, Bellick, and Don.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

Source: PrisonBreakManhunt.com, E! Online
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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV