We’ve met Sam and Dean’s maternal grandparents on Supernatural, but now it’s time to see how the other branch of their family tree began.

According to HuffPost TV, Gil McKinney has been cast as Henry Winchester for season 8’s 12th episode, “As Time Goes By.” Henry is John Winchester’s dad.

How do the Winchesters meet their young grandpa? With the help of time travel. The episode will feature Henry being zapped into the present, which will probably be a bit confusing for him since, from what we know, the paternal side of Sam and Dean’s family was in the dark when it comes to monsters.

McKinney is best known as Julie Taylor’s TA who she dated in the final season of Friday Night Lights.

The episode seems to be a bit of a companion piece to season 4’s “In the Beginning,” which first introduced time travel to the show and saw Dean go back in time to meet his parents and his mom’s parents. That episode was written bynew showrunner Jeremy Carver, so clearly he understands time travel and Winchester family history.

Are you excited to see Henry Winchester in action? Are you secretly hoping that we might also get to see a baby John Winchester?

This episode of Supernatural will most likely air at the end of January.

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