Wow. The Vampire Diaries rarely disappoints when it comes to twists and turns and “My Brother’s Keeper” was no exception. After the last episode, Elena’s love life seemed to have resolved itself when she and Stefan broke up. But, nothing is as it seemed. Not with Elena, not with Hayley, not with Professor Shane and not even with Jeremy. Will their lives ever calm down? Doubtful.

Jeremy “The Hunter” Gilbert

At this point, which is worse: Going crazy like Alaric from dying and resurrecting too many times? Or, developing an uncontrollable urge to kill your sister? I’m not sure, but both are definitely worse than seeing ghosts.

Jeremy’s life has gotten much more complicated since he became a vampire hunter. And, Stefan’s plan to read the tattoo’d map only made it worse. One positive to come out of this, if you want to call it that, is that Jeremy can’t be compelled any more. Given the number of times he’s been mind wiped, it’s a surprise he still has a working brain.

Jeremy is now powerful enough to take on Stefan, his sister and carry two full kegs. Will his humanity be strong enough to keep him grounded? At least, now, he has Matt with him. If anyone can help Jeremy, it’s his friend. Matt really has come into his own since having his life saved. He may be human, but he has strengths that none of the others have.

A Con Gone Wrong?

Tyler and Caroline decided with Hayley to con Klaus into thinking that Tyler and Caroline broke up, in order to break the hybrids’ sire bonds. Will this con blow up in their faces? Tyler certainly didn’t look happy that Caroline was legitimately laughing with Klaus or that they were getting closer.

And, then the big reveal that Hayley is working with Professor Shane. She wants to keep Tyler out of it, but the professor wouldn’t agree with that. Could Tyler’s life be at risk? Hayley certainly has some secrets. I fear that this isn’t going to end well for any of them.

Elena’s Love Life

Just when it looks like Elena has made a final choice, there’s a twist. A big one! Both Stelena and Delena fans had something to rejoice about at the end of this hour. Elena and Damon are living together, danced, kissed, and had passionate sex. I’d say made passionate love, but that’s where the twist comes in.

Is Elena sleeping with Damon of her own free will? Or, was she drawn into Damon’s arms through the sire bond? If nothing else, Delena fans finally got the crazed sex scene they’ve been clamoring for and can relive that moment over and over again.

What happens next for Elena will largely depend on whether Damon knew or suspected that Elena was sired to him. If he did, it’s game over for Elena and Damon. If not, then who knows what will happen. When she breaks the sire bond, who will she pick?

Stefan may have given her up on the porch, but he’s back in the game to win her back. There’s no way he’s going to let her continue to live without her own free will. 

What did you think of the twists? How will Elena react when she finds out she’s sired to Damon? Will Jeremy be able to control his killings? And, what is Professor Shane planning with Hayley?

Olympic Gold Medalist Gaby Douglas guest starred in the episode. Did you enjoy how she was included at the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant? 

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