Tonight is the very exciting “Changing Channels,” the TV parody episode of Supernatural .  I was lucky enough to see it last week and have been providing plenty of previews and coverage, some of which may or may not include secret references or allusions to some of the big twists in tonight’s episode.

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For me, this is the best episode of Supernatural since last season’s “The Monster at the End of This Book.”  Not only does all of the comedy work, but there are some serious moments and unexpected twists that will certainly change the way you think about Supernatural, and possibly the way you view the series as a whole.  And no, I’m not just overhyping it.

But to get you even more ready, I’ve made up a list of 10 things to look for.  You may not fully understand why you need to look for all of them, but trust me: you’ll know when you watch.

1. “Son of as Bitch!”
It’s not just the line, it’s how it’s read.

2. The Ghost in the Wardrobe
It’s understated, but it could be my favorite tiny joke of the episode.

3. Johnny Drake
Who is Johnny Drake?  He’s the stupidest plot device ever.  And I mean that as a compliment.

4. Dean’s Question
Supernatural does nothing by accident, so pay attention to the question the Japanese game show host asks Dean and his answer.  Though I doubt you’d forget them.

5. Commercials
Please don’t fast forward through the commercials if you watch Supernatural on DVR.  You might miss something.

6. “Jackpot”
After “Son of a bitch,” this is easily the second funniest line-reading of the night.

7. “That Feels Really Uncomfortable”
Unless you’re a robot, this line, and everything surrounding it, will bring a smile to your face.

8. Big Brother/Little Brother
It will all make sense when you hear it.

Sorry if I’m being painfully cryptic, but I only want to give you a tiny, tiny taste of this episode, because everything will be a lot more enjoyable if you don’t see it coming.  But on the other hand, even if you know everything going in, it’s still a fantastic episode of Supernatural.

-John Kubicek BuddyTV Senior Writer
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