Everything you need to know about the Trickster on Supernatural.

#16 Richard Speight Jr. as the Trickster

On Supernatural, Richard Speight Jr. plays the Trickster, a recurring nemesis of the Winchesters, a chaos-causing, prank-playing demigod.

#15 The Mythology: Loki

One of the most famous Tricksters in mythology is the Norse god Loki. A shapeshifter who enjoys pranks, Loki also led the forces of chaos during Ragnarok, the epic end days of the Norse gods.

#14 The Mythology: Hermes

In Greek mythology, Hermes, the messenger, is a Trickster. He was often given gives of honey, hence his sweet tooth.

#13 The Trickster on Supernatural

On Supernatural, the Trickster is a demigod whose primary love is traveling around, causing a little of chaos, and then moving on, trying to live an uninterrupted life of fun and pleasure.

#12 Creating Things

The Trickster’s most potent power is the ability to make anything appear out of thin air. From a heart-shaped bed with two sexy lingerie models to a chainsaw-wielding maniac to an entire hospital, he can make you see whatever he wants you to see.

#11 Time Manipulation

Not only can the Trickster create things, he can also change time, either keeping people stuck in a time loop or sending someone back in time.

#10 Morphing Ability

The Trickster has the ability to make himself appear in any form, making it difficult to spot him right away.

#9 Telekinesis

Perhaps related to his ability to create objects, the Trickster can also use his mind to move objects or remove a stake from your hands.

#8 Sweet Tooth

The Trickster loves candy and sugar, which makes is slightly easier to spot him as he’s probably the guy sucking on a lollipop or eating a bar of chocolate.

#7 Loving the Ladies

Aside from indulging his sweet tooth, the Trickster also loves other Earthly delights, such as the company of a beautiful woman, or two.

#6 How to Kill the Trickster

While Trickster’s are virtually immortal, a wooden stake can kill one.

#5 “Tale Tales”

The Trickster’s first appearance was in the season 2 episode “Tall Tales.” In it he played nefarious jokes at a college dorm, including a frat boy getting abducted by aliens and an alligator in the sewer. With Bobby’s help, Sam and Dean tracked him down and killed what they thought was the Trickster, but was actually just another illusion.

#4 Turning Brother Against Brother

In “Tall Tales,” the Trickster’s primary M.O. with the brothers was to turn them against one another, messing with Sam’s computer and Dean’s car so they would bicker and fight.

#3 “Mystery Spot”

The Trickster returned in the season 3 episode “Mystery Spot” in which he trapped Sam and Dean in a time loop that forced them to relive the same day over and over in which Dean dies every time.

#2 Making Sam Let Dean Go

In the end, the Trickster revealed that he did this in order to teach Sam that he has to learn to let Dean go, presumably because he knew Dean was going to Hell and the Trickster wanted Sam to accept it.

#1 “Changing Channels”

In the season 5 episode “Changing Channels,” the Trickster returns and traps Sam and Dean inside various TV parodies.

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