Our list of 15 potential Supernatural television parodies or crossovers we’d like to see.

#16 Parodying Grey’s Anatomy and CSI

The season 5 episode of Supernatural, “Changing Channels,” features Sam and Dean stuck inside parodies of various TV shows and genres. So we put together our own list of 15 other popular shows, past and present, we’d like to see Supernatural take on.

#15 The Amazing Race

Sam and Dean already live a version of this show, traveling all the time, getting into fights and working through various obstacles. And with their resourcefulness, there’s no doubt they’d win the million dollars.

#14 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

She may the Slayer, but even Buffy could use a little help sometimes. The Winchesters would work well with the Scooby Gang, if only because it would give Dean a chance to lust after Buffy.

#13 Cheers

Dean always finds a bar in whatever city they go to, so just once we’d like to see him walk into a place where everybody knows his name.

#12 Dancing with the Stars

Sam and Dean are two tall guys who could probably dance fairly well, but I’d give the edge to Sam, only because he’s already had some practice in “Red Sky at Morning.”

#11 Family Guy

This one is a bit surreal, but Bones already had Stewie Griffin, so why not some weird alternate universe where Castiel has to do battle with the Giant Chicken in an all-or-nothing fight to the finish.

#10 The Girls Next Door

Surround Dean with a bunch of bunnies at the Playboy Mansion and you have an amazing reality series, although it will probably become X-rated very quickly.

#9 Glee

At the end of “Yellow Fever,” Dean proved his musical chops with a memorable version of “Eye of the Tiger,” so why not let him sit in with the kids from Glee for a song or two. Just think about it: Supernatural: The Musical.

#8 Mad Men

Mostly inspired by the fact that Sam and Dean look good in suits, why not have Zachariah zap them back to the 1960s for some three-martini lunches, non-stop smoking and tons of debauchery.

#7 Pimp My Ride

The Impala is getting old and since the end of the world is coming, it may not have much juice left. Dean needs to get his ride pimped out to make it even more bad-ass.

#6 Reaper

Imagine a world with two Devils! It would be quite cool to see Ray Wise from Reaper interacting with Mark Pellegrino.

#5 Rock of Love

Dean essentially considers himself a rock star, so why not go with it as 25 women vie to win his heart on a reality dating show. But given the fervor around him, you might need to expand the starting pool to 25,000.

#4 Sex and the City

This one is kind of weird, but just once, it might be kind of hilarious to see Sam, Dean, Bobby and Cas sitting around a table drinking Cosmos and talking about shoes and their love lives. Or maybe it’s just us.

#3 True Blood

Vampires are everywhere on TV, and the Winchesters could help take them down by using a little Dead Man’s Blood on Bill and letting Sam’s demon powers crush Eric.

#2 The Vampire Diaries

Speaking of vampire shows, it would only make sense for these two CW shows to do a special crossover event so the Winchesters could go up against the Salvatore brothers. Warning: the sight of Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder all on screen together might cause your eyes to burn out, so do not stare directly into this blazing foursome of hotness.

#1 The X-Files

Dean has already referred to himself as Mulder (making Sam Scully), so why not role with it and do a full-on X-Files alien episode?

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