Sam and Dean meet a pair of hunters who are gunning for the monster they’re hunting in Supernatural season 11 episode 19, “The Chitters.” It’s something new for the brothers, but the others know exactly what they’re after. And with this couple, Sam and Dean get to see hunters who make it to the finish line and hang it up instead of going out via a violent death.

Here’s what made Sam and Dean running into other hunters in “The Chitters” so good.

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When Cesar Saves Dean, Dean Gets a Taste of Being Told He Wouldn’t Believe Who They Are

SPN 1119 1.pngDean’s used to having to give the “monsters are real” speech, and here, he’s in a position where someone thinks he needs it.

Other Hunters Know Who the Winchesters Are — and Have Heard They Died

It’s a “long, ugly, ugly story,” Dean says when Cesar comments they heard they died a couple years ago.

It’s a Reminder of How Expansive the Hunting World Is

We know that there are hunters everywhere, but it’s always fun to hear about them. We’ve seen Sam and Dean travel for hunts, and in Jesse and Cesar’s case, they stick to mostly Mexico, and sometimes Texas, for their hunts.

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The Winchesters Are in the Dark About What They’re Hunting

SPN 1119 2.pngThey may have a whole lot of lore at hand, especially with the Men of Letters library, but this one is something they’ve never heard of and Jesse and Cesar have to fill them in on Bisaan, a kind of cicada spirit.

Jesse and Cesar Represent Hunters Who Have Settled Down in a Way

Upon learning they’re married, Dean asks what it’s like settling down with a hunter. “Smelly, dirty. Twice the worrying about getting ganked,” Cesar tells him.

A Hunter Seeking Revenge Is Nothing New

Cesar knows it will eat at Jesse if they don’t put an end to the Bisaan in the town this time. He has seen it over and over, when someone loses someone at a young age, it never heals. Both he and Dean have seen hunters get their revenge, but as Cesar points out, “they are never fixed, are they?” That doesn’t stop them from seeking that revenge.

When Jesse Talks About Having a Great Brother, Sam Can Relate

SPN 1119 3.pngNo one believed Jesse when he told them what happened to his brother. Even his mother thought he was lying and that he should have done something to save his brother. She and the people in the town couldn’t accept that he had been taken by a monster, couldn’t accept a lot of things. But his brother did. He was a great brother. 

All Hunters Understand the Pain of Losing a Blade During a Fight

Sam and Dean See Jesse and Cesar as Fresh Eyes and Extra Muscle Who Can Help with Amara and Castiel

But Dean Doesn’t Ask Upon Learning That They’re Retiring and Going to “Start Living” Now That Jesse Got His Revenge

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The couple has had a place in New Mexico for years. They’re going to raise horses. You leave it alone when you come across hunters who make it to the finish line.

Supernatural season 11 airs Wednesdays at 9pm on the CW.

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