Two episodes into Supergirl season 2 and the new changes that arrived in Kara’s life in the premiere are already beginning to evolve and shift. While the season 2 premiere was primarily about bringing Superman into Supergirl and hinting at some of major changes for the season, episode 2 really gets the ball rolling.

Though the title of this episode is “The Last Children of Krypton,” obviously referring to Clark and Kara, very little of the episode is actually about the Super-Cousins. In fact, this episode is much more about the Danvers family member that the premiere largely ignored: Alex.

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Season Premiere: Part 2

First, the episode starts off with dumping a bunch of new personal life changes onto Kara’s plate. Kara finds out that her new chosen career of being a reporter is not going to work out very easily. Kara’s new boss, Snapper Carr, has no interest in entertaining an amateur reporter. He dismisses Kara out of hand and basically fires her on her first day.

Kara’s superhero work isn’t faring much better. Clark tells Kara that he is heading back to Metropolis to protect his city and be with Lois Lane. This shouldn’t be a huge deal for two people who can fly at the speed of light, but Kara takes it hard. 

Mostly important, though, Cat comes clean with Kara. Cat tells Kara that she is moving on from CatCo. It’s a move that was heavily telegraphed by the premiere and straight-up spoiled by the casting news of Calista Flockhart being changed from series regular to recurring star. It still works incredibly well. It happened because of Supergirl moving production to Vancouver, but it feels like a very natural progression for the show. It is about time that Kara stands on her own without Cat to fall back on and mentor her. 

Two Metallos for the Price of One

All the personal changes would be enough, but the brand new threat of Cadmus makes their presence known. Metallo lures Superman and Supergirl out in the open and attacks them. Metallo (because he is a cyborg made primarily of Kryptonite) kicks the crap out of both Kara and Clark. After he is done pummeling the Super-Cousins, Metallo flees in that way that only supervillains can. Cadmus then releases a nationwide propaganda message (in the way that only supervillains can) that announces they are planning to exterminate all aliens on the planet. 

Cadmus isn’t done, however. Metallo might have beat up Kara and Clark, but the mission was to kill them — a mission which he failed. So Cadmus’ head evil scientist lady, who is still unnamed and still terrifying, takes her right-hand man and turns him into another Metallo. Cadmus might have the most cliched villain plan ever and their leader might be a walking stereotype, but they are already way more effective and proactive about being evil than Non and Astra were in an entire season of Supergirl.

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Alex Finally Enters the Scene

Between Cadmus, Cat leaving and Carr’s professional rejection of her, Kara thinks that maybe she should move with Clark to Metropolis and start a new life there. When Alex finds out, she finally lets loose and opens up about her feelings. Welcome to season 2, Alex Danvers. We missed you. 

Alex tells Kara that ever since Clark showed up, she has been ignoring her sister. Alex has changed her entire life to protect Kara, and now that Clark is around, Kara wants to abandon her. Kara kind of avoids the issue, and the whole fight causes Alex to investigate the Cadmus/Metallo issue on her own. 

It turns out that Metallo — both Metallos — has been created because of a leak inside the DEO. Someone inside the DEO gave Cadmus the Kryptonite. Alex, with the help of Winn, traces the leak to one of the agents. Alex follows the agent, and he leads her to Cadmus and Dr. Smirky. (I might as well give the head scientist lady a name if Supergirl won’t do it.) Smirky tells Alex that her father, Jeremiah, is still very much alive and very much in Cadmus’ custody. She also tries to do the standard villain thing of converting Alex to her side, which obviously does not work.

Cadmus tries to kill Alex, and despite her unbelievably bad-assitude, they nearly succeed. Alex is saved by the arrival of Kara. Kara worms Alex’s location out of a reluctant Winn, and Kara shows up just in time to save her adopted sister. Kara apologizes for prioritizing Clark over Alex, and the two make up. The reunion gives Kara an idea. 

Stronger Together (Again)

It’s the most obvious plan in the world, but by saving her sister, Kara realizes that the only way they are going to beat both Metallos is if they all work together. Clark and J’onn take on one Metallo while Kara and Alex (in her superpowered armor) take on the other version. 

It’s a plan that Cadmus totally doesn’t see coming, and both Metallos are trounced. This seriously makes me want to revise my earlier statement about Cadmus being proactive and effective in their “evil-ness.” Still, Dr. Smirky does give great “You’ve won the battle but not the war” face when she learns of Kara’s triumph.

The reunion and victory inspire Kara to finally acknowledge the other alien in her life. Kara goes to visit the mysterious man from the pod, who is still in the DEO’s basment and is still, inexplicably, shirtless. (Supergirl is definitely on The CW now with the way they are shamelessly exploiting actor Chris Wood’s muscles.)  

Kara tells her new unconscious hunky friend that she will stay with him until he wakes up. Kara knows what it is like to be alone in the world. Right on cue, our alien stud muffin wakes up and promptly clamps his hand onto Kara’s throat, choking the life out of her. 

What did you think of the episode? Who will you miss more, Cat or Clark? When do you think they will show back up? Was it time for Cat to move on? Do you think the alien will be a friend or foe to Kara?

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