Did Amelia and Owen rush into marriage? That was her worry in Grey’s Anatomy season 13 episode 4, as she began realizing just how much she doesn’t know about her husband. However, by the episode’s end, they not only opened up to one another about their pasts, they came to a decision about their future.

Here are the important moments from “Falling Slowly” as Amelia and Owen went from “we’re having children now?” to “let’s not wait.”

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Amelia Worried She “Barely” Knew Her Husband

Greys 1304 barely know.pngShe didn’t know that he goes to church, leading to her wondering what they’ll tell their children about God and the afterlife. “So we’re having children now?” Owen asked, smiling, but she argued, “How can we have children? I barely know you!”

Owen Vented His Frustration to Meredith

“You know, she gets an idea in her head and she just won’t let it go. She’s relentless, like a shark. She just won’t put it down … And she asks me a question and I answer it, and my answer just causes more questions, and suddenly, I’ve forgotten what we’re talking about and I’m late for work. And I love her, and it’s exhausting.”

Amelia Realized She Didn’t Even Know How Old Owen Was When His Father Died

He knew how old she was when hers did, and it didn’t help that Riggs knew how old Owen was when his father died. “It hasn’t come up,” Owen tried to reassure her, but she argued that they didn’t give it enough time to since they were engaged for two weeks.

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How Bad Can It Be?

Greys 1304 how bad.pngIn admitting that it was scary that there was stuff she didn’t know about him, Amelia wondered about the stuff Owen didn’t know about her. “What if you don’t like it? What if it’s too scary?” But when he asked how bad it could be, she ended the conversation.

Amelia Pointed out What She Knew About Stephanie

She trusted her with the information, let her know her, Amelia said. Maybe she should’ve married her. Stephanie didn’t think that would’ve worked out for either of them.

Amelia and Owen Opened up About Tragedies from Their Pasts

Amelia told him that a man she loved and took drugs with overdosed and died, and Owen told her about choking Cristina. They were okay, right? Yes.

Their Kids Were Going to Be Okay Too … and Amazing … and Soon?

Greys 1304 kids.png“I can’t wait,” Amelia told him, but Owen decided he didn’t want to wait. So kids could be in their near future.

What do you think about Owen and Amelia’s decision about kids?

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