Mike and Harvey both resigned from the firm in the winter finale to protect those around them. Mike decided to leave the lie behind, while Harvey made a deal to protect the firm. In the Suits Winter Premiere, “Blowback,” it all comes tumbling down around everyone at the firm when Mike’s arrested for fraud.

BuddyTV spoke to Sarah Rafferty about the challenges facing the firm, how this family will rally to support him and whether viewers will find out who ratted him out.

Are the final six episodes going to be primarily about Mike and his arrest?

The investigation into Mike is what we are digging into– deep dive into that. There’s no getting around it. It heavily revolves around Mike, but the fact of the matter is everyone’s life is on the line and everyone is implicated. It’s really complicated.

In the winter finale, Harvey resigned from the firm in a deal with Forstman. Is that still a threat?

That plays into it for sure. That’s an element and a further complication. And that’s what so exciting about the next six episodes, it’s not like there’s a time cut and there’s stuff that’s been resolved or things that can be shoved under the rug. We pick up right there and it’s all there.

Will everyone be together and all in protecting Mike and getting him out of this situation?

I would say that everybody is all in on protecting Mike, because everyone is all in on protecting everybody. That being said, it doesn’t mean it’s not riddled with complications and that there aren’t moments of doubt. Doubt about where people’s loyalties lie and all that stuff is bound to come up in a such a high stakes situation and one that everyone is so deeply and emotionally connected to.

Will it be more about caring for Mike or wanting to protect themselves? Or a combination?

I think we have a really rich combo platter. Ultimately, at the end of the day, these people are a family. That element is there. It’s been there in the past — even when Louis was going off the rails when he found out the news — at the end of the day, they were still a family. That at times can feel like you’re being ripped apart and at times feel like it brings you together. I would say our writers do a really good dance with that.

Donna went to work for Louis. Will this situation bring her back to Harvey?

I would say that all bets are off. When we come back, everything is so crazy with the investigation. The fact that Mike was perp-walked out of there that all bets are off in terms of any dynamics that are going on between people. It’s a new situation.

If there’s ever a legitimate reason for Donna to leave Louis to go back to Harvey, this would be it.

I think we’re in a situation where it’s all hands on deck for everybody. And, is there a line between who we are working for at this point or are we all working towards the same thing.

How does Louis take Mike’s arrest?

Out of the gate, Louis is a great lawyer and a brilliant mind and he comes at it with that legal mind. And this is what we enjoy about Rick Hoffman‘s work, we might start there, but it will become a human, emotional response to it too. We take that journey with him.

Where does US Attorney Anita Gibbs rank in comparison to all the other foes the firm has faced?

Oh, my God. Like a million. She’s a foe times a million. Leslie Hope plays Anita Gibbs and she’s fierce. Her performance is amazing. Anita Gibbs will stop at nothing– will stop at nothing and play dirty and is a very, very formidable foe.

Will we find out who ratted out Mike?

Yeah, we learn. We are surprised. We’ll find out and be shocked as I was.

 returns on Wednesday, January 27 at 9pm ET on USA.

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