On Suits, the employees of the Pearson and Darby firms must be going through a severe case of whiplash. They barely got their houses merged and now they are being torn apart. The divorce isn’t pretty when both sides try to better the other by acting in “Bad Faith.” Or, do they?

After feeling like a second class partner at the firm, Louis finally got called up to take the lead on the dissolution negotiations. When Harvey made fun of him, Louis stood his ground and said, “I am not a joke.” Good for him!

And, it was refreshing to see Jessica actually call Harvey out for his poor treatment of Louis. Harvey is a named partner now and he needs to be a leader not just an arrogant closer. He’s going to have to adjust his style and Jessica is just the one to show him how.

Overall, I enjoyed “Bad Faith” with the constant back and forth, but Louis’ handling of the dissolution negotiations with Nigel was horrible. Yes, Louis loved the cat, but I was disappointed in the direction the writers went. I felt like I was watching a Funny or Die sketch about a man who loved a cat.

Louis was given one order: Do not lock in the client list. And, what did he do? He signed an agreement with that provision. Why? Because he was upset over the cat? That made a mockery of the Louis character.

And, then it was just dismissed like it wasn’t a big deal. He was barely reprimanded at all. Instead, the stupidity was ignored and they just moved on to find their next course of action. At least, Louis redeemed himself in the end with Katrina’s help.

Harvey can be a real ass sometimes. Whether it’s trust issues, arrogance, or a combination of the two, he assumes that everyone is as conniving as him. That’s going to get the best of him one of these days, unless he changes.

He was out to outplay Scottie, then agreed to play fair. When Hessington Oil dropped them, he just assumed that Scottie made an underhanded move … like something he would do. His pride got the better of him and he went to battle without verifying whether a war had been declared in the first place.

And, Harvey’s philosophy was extending to Mike. Instead of taking the high ground, Mike ended up using his relationship with Rachel to push her father to pay the Folsom Foods settlement early. 

While Robert Zane was impressed by Mike’s ability to play hardball, Rachel didn’t feel the same way at all. That wasn’t the Mike that she loved. If she didn’t have to decide whether or not to move in with him, perhaps it wouldn’t have been as big a deal.

It was just another excuse for her to use to hold out on making a decision. And, with her acceptance to Stanford, she has a life-altering choice to make. The worst part about it is that Harvey ended up excluding the settlement money, so it was all for nothing.

Harvey did show the potential to change. When Louis brought the solution to their problem, Harvey complimented Louis and really meant it. It was the most touching moment between the two of the series.

In that one moment of honesty, Harvey told Louis the truth and showed that he not only has a heart, but that he could be a good leader at the firm. Harvey told Louis what he needed to hear and delivered the message perfectly.

When Harvey took Louis with him to win the business, he further encouraged his former rival. They really do make a good team and it’s about time they both recognize it. Without the other, that deal wouldn’t have been made.

It was good for the firm, but it was just another move that ultimately wouldn’t make a different in the dissolution of Pearson Darby Specter. Harvey was wrong about Scottie. She didn’t make an underhanded move, instead it was Ava Hessington that fired them and decided to get payback by suing them.

At this point, the divorce of the firm is no longer the biggest issue. Now, Ava is their biggest threat even though they got her off!

Did you have a favorite Louis Litt line? Will Harvey and Louis continue to work together? Or, will they go back to their contentious relationship? Should Mike and Rachel move in together? Will she pick Stanford or Columbia?

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