Michael Weatherly tweeted a picture over the weekend that seems to give a few spoilers for NCIS Season 11. 

As the man behind Very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, Weatherly often tweets pics from the behind the scenes of the hit CBS drama. Just last week, Weatherly posted a beautiful selfie that showed his bearded mug (we’ve seen in the latest premiere video that Tony will have a beard), with the absolutely stunning Cote de Pablo smiling in the background. 

A Tiva Kiss in NCIS Season 11?

That same day, a fan asked if fans will finally get a “Tiva” kiss in Season 11. Weatherly’s cryptic reply was: “Breath mints were had.” The man is such a tease but we can’t help to love him for it. 

Weatherly’s most recent tweet showed him dressed in a police officer’s uniform and sporting a longer hairstyle than we’re used to seeing from Tony. Also, it does appear as though he might be wearing makeup to look younger (that could just be the lighting in the shot or the angle it was taken). 

Flashback to Tony’s Days in Uniform?

It’s safe to assume that the new photo is from the flashback episode that has been talked about by executive producer Gary Glasberg. It has been touted as a “sort of part 2 to ‘Baltimore'” (the fantastic flashback episode from Season 10 where fans found out how Tony came to be with NCIS). 

Since Tony is in uniform in the photo, it’s safe to assume that this new flashback episode will go back farther into Tony’s past. In “Baltimore,” fans saw Tony when he was a detective and already past his days in blue. No doubt getting the chance to see Tony in uniform will make many a fans’ hearts go pitter-patter with joy. 

What will happen when we get to see Tony’s early days on the force? Will we see the day he decided to dedicate his life to the law? Is there a chance that Tony and Gibbs met at an earlier time, before “Baltimore”?

What do you think of the new photo posted by Michael Weatherly from the NCIS set?

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Images courtesy of CBS/Michael Weatherly

Michelle Carlbert

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV