The future of Mistresses isn’t yet known beyond this season 1 finale. If it ends where it did, it’s quite cruel because there are one too many cliffhangers (not that networks care about anything like that — case in point, A&E’s The Glades, a series that got canceled after the season finale had the main character getting shot).

While “I Choose You” did answer some season-long questions, most notably the father of Savi’s baby and the truth about Thomas Grey’s death, a car crash and a shooting has turned the Mistresses world upside down.

Happy Birthday, Savi 

Savi’s birthday begins with a surprise bouquet of flowers, and she’s on a mission to find out who it’s from. Is it her husband, who calls her that morning to wish her a happy birthday? Nope, he just wants her to start paying her medical bills herself. Is it Dom, her one-night fling and possible baby daddy? Not him, either. He seems too busy at work to talk to Savi for more than a couple seconds.

And it’s not her girlfriends either — they surprise her with an all-expenses paid trip to Palm Springs for a girls weekend. But while they want to (and should, quite frankly) all drive together, Karen and April decide to go the next day, so Joss and Savi take off on their own the day before.

In the midst of all this, Joss is dealing with the fact that Harry stole the paternity test results from her drawer, and it’s making her feel guilty as she embarks on a weekend with her sister. And then out of the blue, after watching a family in the pool at their resort act all loving and cute, Savi realizes she wants a family of her own like that; she can have that — if she only knew who the father is.

So she realizes she must — at that instant — drive back home to see the results. Meanwhile, Joss is trying to talk some sense into her, like not driving at night and going there in the morning. Sounds reasonable enough.

Karen and April

Joss wakes up the next morning to find Savi gone and a note left behind that she has left. Crap! She frantically calls her sister to tell her the truth, but not before pulling off on the side of the road. After all, Savi’s about to hear some bad news while driving 80 on the freeway.

But when she tries to get back onto the freeway, an oncoming SUV rams into her, and it’s quite the accident.

We don’t get to see the immediate after-effects because we must first catch up with Karen and April.

April decides to drive separately from Karen so she can have time to break up with Richard. Because when Karen asks her to close her eyes and picture a future — a family with one of the men in her lives (Karen has a license to tell people that? I can do that) — April apparently sees her non-dead ex-husband Paul so she dumps a perfectly good man in Richard. 

The “ugh” is short-lived because we later find out April has sent Paul back to Miranda after she calls her worried that Paul didn’t show up when he was supposed to. April is the only one of the four women who hasn’t really done anything wrong, who has a conscience. So when she hears Paul’s other kid in the background, she knows she can’t let Paul leave another family behind like he did with her and Lucy.

Karen, meanwhile, is ready to go off to the weekend getaway when she’s surprised by Elizabeth Grey outside her house. Karen had found out recently that Elizabeth had been institutionalized, and Sam had just confessed to her mother that he, too, slept with Karen. 

So even though Elizabeth is expressing pleasantries — she just wants to talk — she’s a crazy lady, sooo to say I’m worried for Karen is putting it mildly.

The Truth Hurts

Harry gets the call that Savi’s in the hospital and he calls Joss. Joss calls but just misses April, but it doesn’t matter because April’s caught in the traffic jam of Savi’s accident. Eventually, she drives past the scene and recognizes the mangled car. How depressing.

At the hospital, everyone’s there — even Paul, nicely enough, and Dom, after Joss calls him right after Harry reveals that the one-night stand guy is the father. It’s a crushing moment between the two having this conversation because they both blame themselves for Savi’s accident: Joss for not telling her sister sooner that the results went missing and Harry for not telling her sooner, and taking the results from Joss in the first place.

Savi doesn’t look good. Obviously. But it’s way worse than I imagined it would be. She has a collapsed lung but, thank goodness, the baby is fine.

One by one, her visitors go in to see her, and all Savi wants to know is who is the father. When Joss tells her that Harry is there at the hospital, Savi takes that to mean he’s there because he’s the father. She never would’ve imagined he’d be there if he knew he wasn’t.

But Harry’s there, and he’s the one who sets the record straight. But he also admits, “I choose you,” whether he’s the father or not. So Harry wants to be with Savi even after knowing he’s not the father.

It’s Dom’s turn to see Savi, and she tells him the truth. He confesses his love for her — but then she pushes him away. Has she chosen Harry, too? Does she want her husband to raise her baby with another dad?

None of those questions are answered because while Joss and April are with Savi, she starts coding. The doctors are trying to revive her, but it doesn’t look or sound hopeful.

Who Shot Who?

While everyone’s with Savi, Karen’s trapped in her house with Elizabeth, who pulls a gun on her. Karen’s able to talk her down — by offering a drink, no less — and stealthily dials 911 and leaves it hidden in the alcohol cabinet so the operator can hear. She’s smart and revealing details smoothly about her location, but the stupid operator is so loud talking into the phone that Elizabeth overhears and then that’s when she’s had it.

Her plan is to kill Karen and leave drugs and alcohol beside her so it looks like an overdose.

But things get complicated when Sam’s at Karen’s house, pounding on her door. Earlier, he had found the empty gun case and knew what his mother would do. When the door isn’t answered, Sam breaks in through the window, and the three of them fight for the gun. But not before Elizabeth reveals a juicy truth: That Thomas’ last words were wanting Karen and that she killed her!

The gun goes off, there’s blood splattered on the couch — and then that’s all we get.

Well, there you have it. What do you think will happen to Savi? It’s hard to imagine she won’t pull through, so perhaps she might lose the baby. As for Karen, did she get shot? Or did Elizabeth or Sam? Sound off in the comments below!

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