For many years television’s sexiest supernatural throne has pretty much been dominated by vampires. But the introduction of incredibly good-looking werewolves these days changed all that. We’ve listed 12 of the hottest werewolves on television we just can’t get enough of. 

Oz Osbourne, Buffy The Vampire Slayer


Not everything sexy is superficial and Daniel “Oz” Osbourne proves that.  He became a werewolf after he was bitten on his finger by his cousin Jordy but that didn’t stop him from being the charming lead guitarist for the band Dingoes Ate My Baby and the completely adorable love interest of Willow.

Alcide Herveaux, True Blood


Alcide Herveaux is the kind of werewolf who makes shirtless scenes extremely enjoyable. He was once a Packmaster but his hatred for violence made him walk away from the werewolf society.  And just like his love interest Sookie, it’s easy to fall for Alcide given his kind demeanor and good looks.

Mason Lockwood, The Vampire Diaries


Also known as Tyler Lockwood’s cool uncle, Mason Lockwood turned into a werewolf no thanks to Katherine Pierce, who triggered his dormant wolf gene and used him to retrieve the moonstone. Though his time in Mystic Falls was short-lived, he will always be remembered for his sexy and easy going charm. 

Tyler Lockwood, The Vampire Diaries


Though not the most likable werewolf, Tyler Lockwood has his shining moments especially when he’s not being arrogant, selfish and a bully. He was turned into a werewolf before becoming the first successful hybrid of Klaus though he is now an untriggered werewolf. He may not be the best boyfriend but he’s muscular, aggressive and fun to fool around with.

Klaus Mikaelson, The Originals


Deemed as the most hatred and feared of all the Original vampires, Klaus is the original werewolf-vampire hybrid who just became a father to Hope Mikaelson. He is ruthless, power-hungry and vengeful but his yearning for family, not to mention his brooding good looks and charming accent, could easily make you root for the bad boy.

Josh Levison, Being Human


Josh Levison is a hospital worker who wants nothing more than to save lives, proving that not all werewolves are vicious. While he is neurotic and socially awkward, he’s also courageous and has a huge heart.

Scott McCall, Teen Wolf


Bitten by Alpha werewolf Peter Hale, Scott perceives his werewolf life as gift more than a curse as he embraces his new abilities not just to help himself but other people. He is not just physically gorgeous, he’s also a True Alpha. 

Derek Hale, Teen Wolf


A werewolf by birth, Derek serves as the mentor of Scott, guiding him how to control his instincts and werewolf nature.  This ruggedly handsome werewolf took the status of Alpha werewolf after he killed his Uncle Peter but gave up the title in order to save the life of his sister Cora.

Clayton Danvers, Bitten


Clayton is a genius with drop-dead-gorgeous looks and a powerful body to match. He was turned as a child and lived alone in the woods until Jeremy took him in as his son.

Brett Crezki, The Gates


Smart, athletic and attractive, Brett is seemingly the perfect Gates Academy student but he’s actually a werewolf struggling to control his animalistic nature while dealing with typical teenage issues.

Peter Rumancek, Hemlock Grove


Peter is a gypsy werewolf who easily stands out in Hemlock Grove. Despite his rough life and tainted reputation, he remains tough, resilient and bewitching.

Logan Jonsen, Bitten


Logan is the most human member of The Pack as he is caring and down to earth. He runs a private psychology practice while managing to keep his werewolf life a secret from his girlfriend. 

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