Mike has struggled with the limits that he faces as a lawyer on Suits. He’s living a lie and the job as an investment banker would be a good use of his abilities, while allowing him to live and work without fear of being discovered as a fraud. 

In “Know When to Fold’em,” who will fold’em and who will stand strong? Mike’s not the only one with an important decision to make. 

To Stay or to Go?

Mike was offered an incredible job as an investment banker. He could go legit. No more fear of being caught. And no more putting those around him at risk. Why didn’t he just take the job? Something was keeping him at Pearson Specter.

Mike loves the law and working with Harvey. It wasn’t something he was willing to give up. The answer was to have Lola hack into the Bar and add Mike. Harvey was originally against the idea and then suggested it to save them from Quelling.

In the end, there wasn’t a reason for Mike to have Lola do it, but he did. He wanted to be “legit.” Mike was going to stay at at Pearson Specter. Is this the end of his troubles? It’s not likely, but perhaps it will help cover him in the future.

Harvey looked happy that Mike was staying … though that comes with it’s own set of troubles. His relationship with Scottie has been disrupted due to Mike and protecting the lie. He can never tell her the truth as Donna made extremely obvious.

He loves Scottie, but she’s … Scottie. If (when!) they have troubles, she wouldn’t hesitate to use it against him. Mike may be staying, but does that mean Scottie will end up being pushed out?

The Gambler

A desperate lawyer, James Quelling, went after Harvey’s client right before the company’s IPO. He wanted a quick settlement to save his career, wife, and family. He lost them all when he turned down a tobacco settlement, took the case to court, and lost.

When Harvey pushed Quelling, he pushed back and threatened to report Harvey and Mike to the Bar for their actions during the Hessington Oil case. That couldn’t happen! Mike’s not listed at the Bar. (Why hasn’t this come up before? Wouldn’t opposing council look up the lawyers they were facing?)

Mike saved the day when he found evidence that Quelling was being funded by competitors to Harvey’s client. That’s a huge violation of the rules and Quelling would be disbarred for that. Mike saved them and Quelling walked away from the case.

The Gambler lost. 

Louis Falls Apart and Then Saves the Day

Poor Louis! He’s always put the firm first, so it was uncomfortable to see him depressed and falling apart after he broke up with Sheila. He went from the best moment to the worst so quick. He never was able to enjoy his love.

Katrina proved her loyalty to Louis by covering for him with Jessica. The problem was that she’s not Louis and the plan she tried to pass off as his wasn’t up to his quality. She nearly cost Jessica a lot.

Jessica’s manipulated Louis in the past, but never to help him. She refocused his energy from grief over Sheila and towards helping save his other love — the firm. She needed help to stop former named partner, Charles Van Dyke, from getting access to the firm’s financials.

Louis came through with solution to the problem. With only hours to fix it, he went for it and succeeded.

I really hope that Louis and Sheila aren’t over though. They were so good together. Louis may want children and she may not, but would he rather not have either? 

Suits airs Thursdays at 9 pm ET on USA.

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