On this episode of Suits, “Divide and Conquer,” Harvey, Louis and Donna work together to fight off an attack from the outside, Oliver turns to Mike for help and Rachel questions if she’s ready for marriage.

It’s beginning to look suspiciously like Rachel’s and Mike’s wedding may never happen. She takes her father to Harvey’s to get his input, but even though Robert isn’t a fan of the venue, he’s more concerned as to why Rachel hasn’t been more pro-active about wedding planning. He suspects something is up, but Rachel swears that she and her fiancé are just really busy getting their career off their ground. Robert asks his daughter that if she can’t make time to focus on her wedding, how does he expect to make time to focus on her marriage?

Louis is Lit

Louis learns that Donna fired Stephanie, and he’s pissed that she got rid of the smartest “fourth year” they had. He could care less that she was insubordinate because he needs her to work on a case. He wants Donna to bring Stephanie back, but Donna believes that would send the wrong message to the associates. Louis believes the message they’re really at risk for sending is that PSL is becoming a joke. Donna voices her concern that Louis’ anger is misdirected. His real problem is Tara, and the fact that he still hasn’t dealt with the emotional fallout from the break-up. Louis argues that the issue isn’t Tara, it’s that Harvey is running the firm into the ground.

Harvey makes Mike a peace offering by giving him another pro bono case since he didn’t get to finish the Reyes’ lawsuit. Harvey doesn’t want Mike to be upset with Alex, and Mike assures him he’s not.

Harvey finds Donna waiting for him in his office, and she warns him his honeymoon as the managing partner is over. (Did it ever really begin?) Donna points out Harvey has been managing to piss people off left and right, particularly his number 2. Even after the emotional shredding Harvey gave Louis, he can’t fathom why Louis would be upset, or he just doesn’t care. Donna tells Harvey that if making her a COO wasn’t just some bullshit move to pacify her, he’ll take his head out of his ass and start listening to what she has to say — he’s got a problem.

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Harvey turns to Jessica for advice who suggests that if Harvey is in trouble, he needs to look at what he did to get himself there. Harvey admits he’s made some missteps which has resulted in the pile-on Harvey club. Jessica advises Harvey to give a big piece of new business to the person least likely to let things go. Harvey wonders when he’ll be able to stop coming to her for help, and she responds with he doesn’t really need her, he just misses her.

Harvey goes to Robert to call in a favor, but Robert gives Harvey a warning instead. Bratton Gould is coming after PSL. They’re retaliating for Harvey taking Alex and Pfizer. Robert offers to do what he can to help, but business has been slow, so he’s not handing over one of his clients.

The Wedding Planner

Rachel approaches Mike about changing the venue for the wedding. Now that he’s legit, she can have the dream wedding she’s always wanted, and the attention that goes along with it. Mike agrees, and she asks him to meet with the caterers, but Mike has to work. He promises that he’ll be more involved moving forward. Rachel lets him off the hook, but it’s obvious she’s disappointed. It’s also obvious that Mike is going to continue to flake out, prioritizing everything else above their nuptials.

Just When I Try to Get Out, They Drag Me Back In

Oscar comes to Mike because he’s having problems with the Reyes’ case. The guard’s testimony doesn’t match their version of events, and he can’t prove it. The prison claims the doctor was on the premises while the guard says they had to call him. Oliver tried to get surveillance video, but the prison won’t release it because it would violate some rule. The prison also claims surveillance footage of the parking lot is gone. Mike thinks this means they’re definitely hiding something. If Oliver can’t prove that, he can’t move forward with the case.

Mike says he can’t discuss the case, but he does tells Oliver that if he can convince the prison that he has something, that’s the best way to get them to settle.

As Harvey arrives at the office, he walks into a shit storm. Bratton Gould is already making their move. Donna informs him that BG is going after Louis’ client, Delta Securities. They’re also suing one of Harvey’s clients, AC Technologies, for patent infringement.

Harvey orders Louis to stop whatever he’s doing regarding Delta securities, but Louis isn’t in the mood to be a team player. Harvey tries to explain that Bratton isn’t just trying to poach clients, they’re trying to divide and conquer. Harvey sees there’s no point in trying to reason with Louis, so he warns Louis that he better know what he’s doing because Bratton knew enough to come after a client Louis almost lost a year ago while suing one of Harvey’s for something he knows nothing about. This means they have someone inside PSL telling them what to do. My best guess would be a disgruntled, recently-fired associate.

Harvey and Louis both struggle to do damage control. Alex offers Louis his help, but Louis doesn’t want it. He’s not convinced that Alex isn’t a traitor, and if it were up to him, he’d fire Alex. But in the end, Mike and Alex swoop in and save the day. Although it seems a little too easy and unlikely Bratton is going to back down.

Louis takes Alex out to dinner to thank him for saving his ass. Alex wants Louis to understand that they’re all in the same boat now. Alex claims to have zero love for his old firm because they wouldn’t make him a name partner. Louis recalls unhappier times at PSL before his name was on the wall and how he almost left. Louis tells Alex that if he ever feels overlooked, he should come to him (I’ve got a very, very bad feeling about this.) Louis is the weak link, it’s like going after the injured gazelle at the watering hole. I like Alex, so I hope I’m wrong, but it would be a giant “FU,” and Alex is assured to make name partner at Bratton if he helps take down PSL.

The Insider

Donna goes to Rachel with the news that Stephanie is now working for their rival, and she suspects her to be the one feeding them information. (My first choice until the Alex-Louis dinner. Or, maybe there’s a third man….)

Donna wants Rachel to speak to Stephanie and get her to stop, even if it means offering Stephanie her job back. Rachel thinks this would be an exercise in futility, plus she’s got wedding planning to do. Donna doesn’t care. She’s feeling the heat. Harvey took a chance on her, but if one the first thing she did is give Bratton the leverage they need to pick PSL apart, she’ll never forgive herself.

Rachel isn’t about to let down her ride-or-die girl, so she goes to see Stephanie. She apologizes for her role in getting Stephanie fired and offers her the chance to come back. Stephanie takes a pass, so Rachel accuses Stephanie of leaking information. Stephanie is indignant at the accusation and points out that she’s not the only one with a grudge against PSL. Harvey declared war on Bratton a long time ago, and not only do they not need Stephanie’s help, they didn’t ask for it.

Harvey and Louis kiss and make up and head to see Tommy Bratton. They tell him they shut down his assault on their firm, and if he tries it again, they’re going to sue. Bratton tells them the time is now and to bring it on because he’s just getting started. Harvey tells Bratton he’s made his point; he’s pissed about Alex. Bratton says he doesn’t care about Alex. He wants his clients back and the 30 million dollars in billables that come with them hand delivered by Harvey. Harvey and Louis may want to fight, but Bratton assures them it’s a fight they can’t win. They don’t have the manpower or the resources to go up against his firm. He wants his clients back, or Harvey’s legacy will be that he put PSL in the ground.

The Caped Crusader

Oscar has what he believes is good news for Mike. The prison made a huge settlement offer. Mike thinks the offer is too good. It’s the kind of money you give someone because you need them to go away, not just because you want them to go away. He thinks there may be more victims, so he wants Oliver to convince Mr. Reyes to reject the money and Oscar to find more cases. Oscar says if Mike wants that job done, he’ll have to do it himself.

Mike explains to Mr. Reyes that if he takes the money, he will never get answers about what really happened to Chris. Reyes explains that he’s got other children to think about. Reyes also doesn’t know why he should trust Mike since he took his case and then backed out. Mike tells Mr. Reyes the sob story about his parents, and a lawyer buying off his grandmother. Mike assures Reyes that no amount of money will make the pain go away. This is about justice. It’s about preventing other people from dying and they have to try. Mr. Reyes agrees to reject the offer.

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You’re One of Us Now

Harvey goes back to Robert for help. He wants to pretend their two firms are merging. It’s the only way to get Bratton to back down. It’s just a bluff, but Robert can’t see how it benefits him. He’ll look like he backed away from a merger, and that he’s so weak he had to merge with a struggling firm. Harvey questions if Robert really thinks PSL is struggling, and Robert replies that if Harvey really needs him to answer, he’s got bigger problems than Bratton.

Harvey, Donna and Louis brainstorm on how to fight off Bratton. Alex interrupts and suggests they give Bratton what he wants. Harvey refuses. If he hands over all of Alex’s clients, he might as well let him go. Alex wants Harvey to let him go. He doesn’t want to be responsible for the demise of the firm, but Donna, Harvey and Louis are in agreement that Alex isn’t going anywhere — he’s one of them now.

While Mike was busy convincing Reyes to stay the course, Oscar found a ton of complaints regarding prisoners being denied release dates. They all involve injuries and vague disciplinary action. Mike realizes the prison isn’t just cheaping out on medical care, they’re manufacturing revenue. Oliver has everything he needs to file a class-action suit. The only problem is Oliver doesn’t have the resources to handle this type of case alone (That problem is going around.) Mike reminds Oliver that he signed a piece of paper, and he can’t get involved. It could jeopardize the case if he does. Not to mention how much it will piss off Harvey.

Oliver points out that Mike lived a lie for years, and now he can’t keep working on this one case off the radar. Mike is trying to keep his promise. He wants Oliver to convince Nathan to give him the resources to pursue it. Oliver says when he can’t do that, and has to go back to Reyes and give him the news, that’s on Mike.

Alex comes to Harvey with a way to take down Bratton. He says he has something on Bratton, but the reason he didn’t come forward sooner is because he played some part in it. If he’d told Harvey earlier, Harvey would have never hired him. Harvey wants to know what it is, but Alex refuses. The less Harvey knows, the better. Alex insists he’s going to take care of it himself.

Alex faces off with Bratton. Apparently, whatever it is, it was pretty horrible. Alex signs a document, swearing he’ll never divulge Bratton’s part in whatever it is as long as Bratton signs a document stating he won’t come after any PSL documents for 10 years (I was positive Alex was the bad guy, but this seems to clear him.) So, that leaves two big questions. What the hell did Bratton and Alex do and who is the insider?

Donna apologizes to Harvey for letting him down. He told her to find out who the leak was, and she failed. Harvey makes it clear Donna has never disappointed him in 12 years. Besides, whoever it was doesn’t matter anymore.

Fairy-Tale Endings and a Godmother

Rachel’s head just isn’t in the game regarding the wedding. She says during the appointment, all she could think about was what was going on at PSL. Rachel worries that what her father said is true. Mike reassures Rachel that she’s the most important thing to him, and he’ll drop everything if that’s what she wants. But Rachel doesn’t want to, she cares about what she does. Mike promises that they’ll figure it out, and the first thing they’re going to do is pick a date.

Harvey makes a call to Jessica, and it turns out, she’s the Fredo. He wants to know why she did it, and Jessica says because he came to her saying the house was divided. Nothing unites a divided house like an outside attack. She didn’t call Bratton, he called her, he was coming anyway. Harvey isn’t happy about Jessica’s manipulation, but any doubts anyone had about his leadership abilities are gone. He swears retribution if Jessica pulls another stunt, but she swears she won’t have to.

Mike calls Oliver and tells him he’s in. Mike’s back to keeping secrets.

Will Mike and Rachel ever walk down the aisle? Are you tired of waiting? Is Alex the new Mike? Will his secret come out? Did you think he was the leak? Do you think he’s a stand-up guy? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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