In this episode of Shadowhunters, titled “Awake, Arise or Be Forever Fallen,” the hunt for Johnathon continues as he tries to steal the Mortal Mirror from the Shadowhunters, leading him to finally reveal himself to his sister. Elsewhere, Maia and Simon deal with a new werewolf, and Alec makes a hard decision in regards to his relationship with Alec.

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Max’s Life Hangs in the Balance

Johnathon attacks Max after he learns his secret but hides the young unconscious body before any of the Shadowhunters catch wind of his disappearance. While on their first official date, Maia and Simon stumble upon a human being attacked by a werewolf, gashes all over his skin. Magnus takes a secret meeting with the Seelie Queen, with Luke by his side, in an effort to align themselves with the downworlders in lieu of the Soul Sword being misplaced, but Magnus’ relationship with Alec stops him from fully committing. Isabelle notices her missing younger brother and, soon after, finds a trail of blood leading her to the unconscious, bloody Max.

Despite everyone’s best efforts, nothing can wake Max from his coma. Magnus begins dodging Alec, unbeknownst to Max’s condition, which forces Magnus to start reminiscing on the beginning of their relationship, wondering if he’s making the right choice in aligning himself with the opposite side. The werewolf in question is someone from Maia’s past, and the victim might be beyond saving as she and Simon wait to see if the mundane will now join Maia’s pack as a downworlder. Jace, Clary and Alec realize that Max must have been the one to identify Johnathon and that he is still in the walls of the institute, hiding in plain sight.

The werewolf victim turns as a result of the full moon. Isabelle sits by Max’s side, wishing him to wake up, as Johnathon comes to try and dissuade her from his side, giving him an ample opportunity to finish what he started. With no remedies in sight, the Silent Brothers are forced to do an extreme procedure and reboot Max’s brain. Alec, having nowhere to turn, tracks Alec down to ask for his help. Johnathon desperately tries to find the Mortal Mirror, getting careless and attacking guards right under the institute’s nose. Luke tracks down the werewolf assailant and, though he should fight him to the death, he chooses to spare his life and takes his pack as a result.

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Johnathon Gets His Hands on the Mortal Mirror

Maia confides in Simon as to how she was turned into a werewolf by a vengeful old boyfriend. Magnus only confirms the fact that there are not suitable ways to fix Max, and all that’s left is the Silent Brothers rebooting his brain. Jace learned of Johnathon’s knowledge of the Mortal Mirror and goes to protect it but is distracted by a text saying that they’ve lost Max. Johnathon capitalizes on the opportunity to seize the precious artifact, laying waste to all the guards protecting it.

Clary figures out a way to force Johnathon into showing himself using Isabelle’s whip and, though Clary once wanted to save her long-lost brother, she announces to Johnathon that she would have no problem killing him given the chance. Testing Johnathon, he initially passes, but Clary sense something is off and runs after him, exposing Sebastian as Johnathon. The building goes into instant lockdown, locking Clary and Johnathon on the outer skirts of the institute, as brother and sister come face to face in a bloody duel for the Mortal Mirror. Clary prevails in retrieving the mirror but fails as her brother escapes. Clary goes to nullify the power of the mythical artifact, but it dissolves to dust in her hands. 

Max finally wakes up, memories intact, questioning whether or not they caught Johnathon. Alec rushes after Magnus to apologize for lying to him, putting his heart on the line and confessing his love to his boyfriend. Realizing his conflict of interest, Magnus, with tear-filled eyes, breaks up with Alec. Since the thought-to-be Mortal Mirror dissolved in Clary’s hands, Clary, with the help of her vision and angelic blood, pieces together that the Mortal Mirror isn’t an actual mirror but rather Lake Lynn, the hallucinogenic lake in Idris. 

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