Just when you thought things were tying up too nicely on The Bold Type, our three protagonists have a lot on their hands in this episode, titled “No Feminism in the Champagne Room.”

Jane battles a lawsuit from the subject of her latest piece, Kat tries to maneuver her relationship with Adena, and Sutton finds out that the fashion job is offering less money than her current position on Lauren’s desk.

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A Stripper Named Morgan Stanley

Jane writes an article on a Wall Street woman-turned-stripper with the stage name ‘Morgan Stanley.’ When Jane goes to show her the piece, however, she is escorted from the premises.

Meanwhile, Kat wakes up in Adena’s apartment, apparently having stayed the night after their kiss. Adena expresses that she’s feeling guilty about what happened and needs to tell her girlfriend, Coco.

Back at Scarlet, Sutton finds out that the fashion job salary is much less than she had anticipated. Jacqueline informs Jane that she is being sued for defamation by Morgan Stanley. Richard, aka Sutton’s boyfriend, will be representing her in discussions with Stanley and her lawyer.

Things become even more complicated for Jane when she admits that she didn’t record the interview. Furthermore, her notes, while handwritten and lengthy, are blurry after beer was spilled on them at the club.

Later, Adena calls Kat to tell her she still hasn’t broken up with Coco. She accidentally tweets about her relationship problems to the Scarlet Twitter account.

Sutton goes to Oliver to negotiate her salary. The fashion offer is less than she currently makes as Lauren’s assistant. He says he will consider it. Sutton also finds out that Lauren has already replaced her with a new assistant.

Richard and Jane Try to Settle

Richard calls Jane and informs her that Morgan Stanley wants to settle. Jane is worried that this means she is admitting guilt when she doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Kat meets up with Adena at her place after learning that she finally ended things with Coco. Things quickly become awkward when Coco keeps calling Adena, and Kat leaves.

The next day, Oliver informs Sutton that he can’t change the fashion assistant salary. Kat, stressing about her relationship with Adena, texts that “she can’t do this,” and turns off her phone.

The attempted settlement with Morgan Stanley doesn’t go well when Jane stands up for herself and speaks against Richard’s advice. Stanley decides to pursue her lawsuit.

Later, Adena comes storming into Scarlet, upset that Kat sent a “cowardly text” and then went off the grid. Kat pushes Adena away, saying relationships aren’t her thing, and she should work things out with Coco.

When the three girls meet up later that night, they get into a fight when Sutton tries to express her frustrations about the salary and no one is listening. She feels she has no safety net, and Kat and Jane don’t understand. Sutton reveals that Morgan Stanley’s son got kicked out of school because of Jane’s article. 

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Stanley Settles, Sutton Gets the Gig and Kat is Left Heartbroken

The next day, Jane and Kat apologize and promise to support Sutton as her safety net if she passes on the fashion job. Jane goes and apologizes to Morgan Stanley and, later, Stanley agrees to settle.

Sutton goes to Oliver to negotiate “perks” to make up for the lower salary. Oliver agrees to her terms, and Sutton officially accepts the fashion job. While at a “Soul Wheel” event for Scarlet, Kat realizes her feelings for Adena and the mistake she has made.

She rushes to Adena’s apartment and expresses her feelings. She wants to work things out and go all in on their relationship. Adena, however, tells Kat that she is leaving that night for Paris to try and work things out with Coco.

Things are looking up for Jane and Sutton, but Kat is left in a place of conflict.

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