Drama continues for the law firm as everyone faces challenges they have to overcome in the latest episode of Suits. From blackmail by a member of the ethics committee to an IT worker who tries to get awkwardly close, there is more than enough drama to go around in this episode called “Teeth, Nose, Teeth.”

Will Rachel Have to Pay for Her Past with Mike?

Rachel finds out she isn’t granted the interview for her next step in becoming a lawyer and is convinced it’s because of her past with Mike. She goes to Louis for help who in turn brings the situation to Harvey. Both guys are determined to make the matter go away, but of course, it’s not as easy as anyone thought or hoped. While it’s actually pretty easy for Harvey to get Rachel an interview, he’s told he has to file a lawsuit against one of the voting committee member’s competitors in order to gain his vote to let Rachel progress to the next phase. 

Mike’s Big Decision

As for Mike himself, he’s pretty distracted by his client’s legal problems. Sofia’s son lands in the hospital and she’s too late to pay her rent that she is already months behind on. Mike goes to pay the rent for her and while he’s only 18 minutes late, the landlord isn’t accepting Mike’s efforts.

Still, he finds out that the building doesn’t want Sofia’s money because it’s trying to demolish it despite Sofia and the other tenants who live there. While Mike is able to convince the landlord to write Sofia a check for $25,000, she wants closer to $500,000 in a lawsuit that has every potential to turn ugly.

Mike meets even more trouble when he tries to convince the legal clinic not to let a “flustered” attorney take on Sofia’s case. When he has no choice but to allow Oliver to represent Sofia, Oliver ends up losing the case because once again he gets “flustered.” 

Donna vs. the IT Guy

Donna is facing her own drama, but at least hers is a bit more lighthearted than the rest. She’s caught off guard by a flirty IT guy who always tries to update her computer. When she confronts him about it, he unveils “The Donna.” It’s a machine that has an answer for everything with Donna’s voice.

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He has to admit he’s been recording her for two years to get the audio. While she’s clearly a bit creeped out, she can’t help but to want to learn more about it. She takes the device for a few hours only to return back to the IT worker’s desk and shuts down his idea. She calls him out for not knowing her at all despite his secret research. Still, he’s determined for it to work so they come up with a plan for The Donna to be a more accurate representation of her.

Is Louis Going to Be a Father?

Meanwhile, Louis is facing drama in his personal life, too. A pregnant Tara reveals that the father of her child wants to be a part of the unborn baby’s life, but when he fails to show up to a doctor’s appointment, Louis flips out. That makes Tara question if she and Louis know one another at all. In the end, Louis pulls off a romantic gesture to let Tara know he is in for the long haul. And it works.

Mike and Harvey Back Together Again

It turns out the man trying to blackmail Harvey wants to keep his wife from finding out about his secret affair. Harvey and Mike team up together to take on the case he wanted, but it’s safe to say they’re looking out for themselves.

Should Mike and Harvey have gone to such great lengths to defend Rachel? Was Donna too hard on the IT guy? Are Louis and Tara really ready to move forward with their relationship?

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