It was a sad day for the Pearson Specter family on Suits. They bonded together to fight off the attack from the SEC, but they didn’t all come out of it unscathed. Louis made an unforgivable choice followed by disobeying Jessica’s order and the result was sacrifice. 

“Gone” was the devastating break up of a family after the son disappointed his parents to the point of no return … at least for now.

Not a Mistake

Louis has proven himself to be a skilled lawyer throughout the years, though he also has made plenty of mistakes. This time, Jessica’s fury came from the fact that Louis didn’t accidentally make an error that put the firm at risk, instead Louis made a conscious choice to break the law.

He could have refused to move the money illegally for Forstman and turned down the million dollar bonus, but he didn’t. Louis’ pride got in the way because he wanted to make his “parents” proud by saving the day.

For that, Jessica decided that no matter how the case was resolved, Louis was done at the firm. She would fire him.

Jessica’s Wrath

There’s no denying that Louis was wrong, though he’s definitely not the first person to make a bad decision versus a mistake. Harvey’s gone against Jessica’s orders time and time again, especially when he hired Mike and he tried to take the firm away from her. Despite his actions, she never fired him or punished him beyond a slap on the wrist.

Why was she adamant about firing Louis? Jessica needed to regain control of her firm and Louis was the unfortunate recipient of her wrath. She’s never been able to control Harvey and now she’s having issues with Jeff Malone.

From the start to the end, Jessica never wavered in her angry at Louis whether in her office, at court, or after Louis’ confession saved the firm. Jessica regained her power position by getting rid of him.


The fight against the SEC throughout “Gone” gave me a case of whiplash. The sides went back and forth with each side winning small victories along the way in court and through depositions. It wasn’t clear until the very end who would come out the winner.

Forstman’s going to wish that he took Harvey’s deal by voiding the financial transaction. With Eric Woodall’s secret deal discovered, Forstman’s no longer protected from investigation. Louis’ confession, though against Jessica’s orders, was the key to clearing the firm.

Louis was a small fish after all.

Take Care of My Home

After years of bowing to Harvey’s wishes, Jessica stood her ground and refused to reconsider firing Louis. She had finally had enough. Louis threatened her firm, disobeyed her orders and she saw him as a liability. She made her decision and that was that.

Harvey asked her to let him do it. After all the ups and downs Harvey and Louis had been through, he wanted to say goodbye to his co-worker and friend. And Donna wanted to be there for them both. 

That moment never happened because Louis decided to save his family from cutting him loose and left on his own terms. In a heartbreaking and devastating resignation letter, Louis left his home, his family, and Pearson Specter.

Goodbye, Louis! You will be missed.

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