Almost each week, BuddyTV has an article on the most despicable moments from each week’s UnREAL. For UnREAL Season 2 Episode 9, “Espionage,” it’s not nearly as simple as writing about the awful moments that we’ve come to love from Quinn, Rachel and the rest of the Everlasting team. In some ways, what’s wrong is right in “Espionage.”

Coleman wants to reveal the despicable and illegal things that have happened on Everlasting, so we should cheer for him succeed, right? And, of course,¬† at the end when Quinn and Rachel team up against him, we should hope they fail. Only that’s not how I felt at the end. Instead, I thought, “The bitches are back!” and in a very good way.

Let’s break down the despicable moments that we (maybe) cheered a bit about.

Coleman the Savior?

Coleman cares about Rachel that is true, but he has a very odd way of showing it. By revealing the indiscretions of Everlasting, he would be putting Rachel right in the line of fire. She’s culpable for much of what happened, even if Quinn was in charge. By going behind Rachel’s back and recording her conversation with Quinn, he crossed a line. And that wasn’t the only one he crosses. He sleeps with Yael! And after declaring his love for Rachel….

While Coleman’s intentions are well-intentioned, he goes about it all wrong and that loses him any points he may have had. With Quinn and Rachel, what you get is what you get. With Coleman, it’s all squishy self-serving nonsense. He may be the only one truly on Rachel’s side, but nope. He’s done.

Poop Paradise

It’s been a showdown of sorts between Rachel and Hot Rachel all season. Rachel takes the victory by setting up Yael to have an exploding digestive system on TV while wearing a white dress. Wow. That scheme rates as one of the worst things Rachel has done to an Everlasting contestant and she’s had some doozies.

In the end, though, it’s difficult to feel bad for Yael and feel entirely disgusted by Rachel’s actions. The undercover reporter betrayed Jeremy, put the moves on Coleman, wants to destroy Rachel and Everlasting and then sleeps with Coleman. She’s no winner herself.

Oh, Quinn. She gets a little too much enjoyable over the whole spectacle. At least, she got a good laugh in before both her personal and professional lives blew up on her.

The Bitches are Back

Quinn really does care about Rachel. Surprised? I am slightly. I wanted to believe that Quinn wasn’t using Rachel for her own ends and did have genuine loving feeling towards her mentee, though the producer’s motivations were never definitively clear.

When Quinn finds out that she couldn’t have kids, she shows her true colors. She wants better for Rachel and wants her to get out of the business. That was one of the most honest moments of the series. Quinn’s declaration leads Rachel to reveal the truth about the danger they are over their secrets.

These two women are directly and indirectly responsible for horrendous things. At the same time, you had to cheer when they put their differences aside and realize they have to fight this together. Is it wrong to want them to succeed? Probably, but that’s what makes UnREAL so deliciously awesome.

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