On this episode of Suits, “Uninvited Guests,” Rachel realizes her dream wedding puts Mike in jeopardy, Louis tries to uncover Jack Soloff’s secret and Daniel Hardman and Jack Soloff put their plan into action.

Harvey takes Jack Soloff’s advice and decides to humble himself to the other partners. Just prior to the vote, he apologizes for hitting Louis and promises to reduce his compensation to the median amount, with the difference being split equally among all the partners. Harvey says he’ll follow through, even if they vote to suspend him. The vote is 8-8 which means Harvey is off the hook.

Hardman’s Henchman Gets to Work

Since dropping bombs during partner meetings has become the norm this season, Jack uses the opportunity to suggest that Daniel Hardman return to the firm on a trial basis. We know Hardman has something on Soloff and it must be pretty bad, or good, depending on your perspective, because Soloff had told Hardman he no longer wanted to be the Robin to his Batman.

Jack’s argument for letting Hardman back through the doors is the fact that the previous name partner has landed a cash-cow client whose business he’s willing to share.

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Harvey immediately opposes the idea, and Jack blames Harvey’s resistance on the fact that Hardman’s return would put more money for the partners. Harvey calls foul, pointing out he just showed he didn’t care about money, but Jack says all Harvey did was show he’d do anything to avoid suspension, including bribery.

Jessica makes it crystal clear that Hardman will not return to the firm under any circumstances which gives Jack the opportunity to point out that, once again, she’s taking Harvey’s side.

Jack wants to call a vote, and while Jessica has proven to be a benevolent dictator, this time out she’s going full on Stalin. Meeting adjourned.

Hardman Reveals His Plans

Speak of the devil, and he’s sure to appear. Hardman shows up and comes face to face with Donna. He says he has something for Harvey, and she informs him he’ll have to give it to Harvey’s secretary, Gretchen.

Hardman is intrigued by this particular employment restructuring and questions when Harvey dumped Donna onto Louis.

Harvey and Louis arrive, and Harvey informs Hardman that his scheme didn’t work. Hardman voices his surprise at the solidarity between Harvey and Louis given that Louis finally got the better of Harvey by poaching Harvey’s girl Friday. Harvey argues he didn’t get the best of anyone, and there’s no daylight between himself and Harvey.

Hardman decides to take his leave of the hostile trio and go speak to Jessica but not before one last dig, stating there’s a chasm of daylight between Harvey and Louis.

Hardman and Jessica dispense with the usual pleasantries. Jessica knows the minute she let Hardman in the door, he’d be hatching a plan to dethrone her, but Hardman says she’s shot herself in the foot. The big client he just signed is looking to make acquisitions, and Pearson Specter Litt would have had a finger in all of those pies. Instead, Hardman and his mystery client are going after the firm’s existing clients, and all the partners will know why it’s happening. Then Jack Soloff will tell the partners that if they let Hardman back, the bleeding will stop.

Jessica says the least Hardman can do is tell her who he’s going after first, but all he’ll say is it’s going to hit her where it hurts.

Mike accuses Soloff of promoting him just so Soloff could get Harvey to trust him and then set him up. Mike thinks Soloff is convinced he bought his loyalty. Soloff says that Mike can pick whatever side he wants, but when the dust settles, and Jessica and Harvey are gone, there will still be a place at the firm for Mike because Soloff respects him. Let’s say the feeling is definitely not mutual.

Rachel Puts Out More Fires

Rachel meets with her mom, Laura, to discuss wedding plans. Laura can’t wait to get the announcement in the New York Times, but she needs Rachel to fill in some blanks. Where did Mike go to college? Was he on the Harvard Review? This is a paper seen by millions, and the Claires will start coming out of the woodwork when they see it. Rachel freaks and tells her mom there will be no big announcement.

Laura doesn’t understand Rachel’s objection and assumes it has more to do with Mike than her daughter. Rachel swears it’s how they both feel and asks her mother to respect her wishes.

This little caveat turns out to be the least of Rachel’s problems. Rachel confides in Donna that the proposed guest list is a nightmare unto itself: the Dean of Harvard Law, the Attorney General and some 300 other possible threats to Mike’s fake identity.

Donna tells Rachel her only option is to let her mom know she doesn’t want a big wedding. Rachel thinks her mom will be suspicious, but Donna reassures her this type of argument is common among mothers and daughters, and Laura won’t suspect it’s because Mike’s a fraud.

Rachel tells her mom she wants to downsize the wedding, but Laura senses something is up. Rachel has to go all bridezilla and accuses her mother of trying to make the wedding about her. Rachel threatens that if Laura doesn’t back off, Rachel will consider eloping.

Rachel is making a whole lot of sacrifices to cover Mike’s ass, and you know this is leading to an epic breakup.

Rachel goes back to Donna and reveals she’s thinking of coming clean to her mother. Donna advises Rachel to rethink that particular course of action. Rachel’s mom may get over a spat regarding the size of the wedding, but Rachel’s mother will not get over her future son-in-law being a criminal and dragging her daughter down with him.

Rachel is convinced her mother will love her no matter what, but Donna points out that if Rachel tells her mom the truth, she’ll be burdened with a secret she’ll have to keep from her husband the rest of her life.

Fending Off an Attack

Jessica, Louis and Harvey have a pow wow to try and figure out who Hardman is going after. Louis assumes it’s one of his clients, Harvey one of his. The two begin to bicker, both blaming each other for the precarious position the firm is now in. Jessica plays referee and reminds them that this is exactly what Hardman wants, to turn them against each other.

Mike comes across some information that Hardman’s target is most likely McKernon Motors. A client near and dear to Harvey’s heart.

Louis goes to Jack and tries to warn him to get out of bed with Hardman while he still can. He tells him all the details of his tumultuous history with Hardman. Jack figures it’s too late now. Jessica will never forgive him. Hardman knows exactly what kind of guy Hardman is, but he promised to do something Jessica wouldn’t, put his name on the wall. Louis sees an opportunity to bargain; to promise Jack he’ll become a name partner. But Jack says even if he wanted to go against Hardman, he couldn’t. Louis realizes that Hardman’s got something on Jack.

Harvey goes to see the head of McKernon, Dominic, who is understandably freaked. Harvey explains Dominic’s company is in the crosshairs because of Hardman’s vendetta against Harvey and urges Dominic to drop Pearson Specter and Litt as his attorneys. That should take the target of his company’s back. Dominic refuses, but questions what Harvey plans to do. Harvey doesn’t exactly know, but if Hardman wants a war, a war is what he’s going to get.

Mike and Harvey come up with a plan to take McKernon private. They found some heavy hitters for financial backing. They pay a visit to Hardman to break the news.

But Mike and Harvey underestimated their opponent. Hardman goes to see Jessica, and it seems his client is Japanese, and the dollar just took a dive against the yen, so he was able to piece together a new, more lucrative deal.

Jessica says she doesn’t lose to Hardman, but he warns her that after this deal, they’ll be another and another and another, and, well, you get the point. Jessica took his firm away and Hardman wants it back.

Jessica tells Harvey about her discussion with Hardman. Harvey realizes the dollar took a dive against the yen two weeks ago. He says Hardman’s been playing with them this whole time.

Second Thoughts

Laura confronts Mike about Rachel’s attitude about the wedding. Mike admits that because he has no family and few friends, he asked Rachel to keep the wedding low-key. Laura thinks that’s all fine and good, but she wants Mike to reconsider letting Rachel have the wedding she’s always wanted. Now he’s going to look like a major dick if they don’t have all the bells and whistles.

Mike bitches at Rachel for hanging him out to dry. He wonders why Rachel didn’t tell him she and her mother were fighting. Rachel tries to brush it off by saying mothers and daughters fight about weddings all the time. Mike argues they are fighting about his secret, and she should have told him because now it looks like he’s taking away her dream wedding. Rachel blurts out that Mike IS taking away her dream wedding.

Rachel says she doesn’t want Mike to get caught, but he questions whether she still wants to marry him. He tells her he went to see Claire, and he knows she knows the truth. He wants to know if Claire had given Rachel second thoughts. Rachel swears the only thing that matters to her is who she’s marrying.

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The Real Mastermind

Louis, unable to dig up whatever dirt Hardman has on Jack Soloff, comes to Jessica with a Plan B. They make Soloff a name partner, but only if he agrees to take a public stand against Daniel first. Louis swears Jack’s on board.

Soloff saunters into Jessica’s office, but she’s got her own agenda. When Jack refuses to tell her what Hardman has on him, she tells Jack he can resign immediately, and she’ll waive his non-compete.

Jack counters that it will be Jessica walking out the door, but Jessica bluffs that Harvey knows all about Hardman’s investor, and he’s about to put a stop to it. Jack calls her bluff and says that if she really knew, she’d know that isn’t going to happen.

Hardman’s mystery investor is the always-shady Charles Forstman. Daniel Hardman is acting as his front man. Forstman has given Hardman power of attorney for the two years he has left behind bars.

Harvey threatens to have Forstman transferred from his rather plush accommodations, (he’s playing pool-and sent somewhere far nastier), but Forstman doesn’t waiver. He’s got money, plenty of it, and he’s pretty certain he can buy his way out of any trouble Harvey tries to make for him.

Forstman doesn’t give a shit about the firm, or the war with Hardman. All he wants is for Harvey to resign.

No Going Back

Speaking of old home week, Mike calls Trevor. All this marriage stuff has him waxing sentimental. They meet up, and Mike invites him to the wedding, but Trevor declines. Trevor promised his wife he would steer clear of Mike. Mike is incredulous at Trevor’s crisis of conscience. Trevor tells Mike to get out because the guilt would suck all the joy out of life.
So many lives hanging in the balance, and only one more episode.

Suits summer season finale airs Wednesday at 9pm on USA.

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