Last time on Scream, Will officially died after Emma and the gang spent the entire episode saving him. Okay, if they want to stick to the original, Will will come back and reveal that he faked it with cornstarch. But that was a pretty gruesome death. We can all agree that Will’s off the list for the Scream killer. So who will die in this episode, “Ghosts”?

The episode begins with the immediate aftermath of Will’s death. We see flashbacks of his horrifying murder while Piper records a podcast about it. And it is gruesome. Maggie and the sheriff question Emma while a doctor prescribes her anti-depressants, but Emma’s lost it at this point and just keeps listening to her dad’s tape over and over again.

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Brooke, meanwhile, has been by Jake’s side at the hospital. Noah comes to visit and Brooke says Jake’s going to be okay. It was a “miracle” that the knife missed his major organs and didn’t kill him. Brooke leaves and Noah admits to messing with Jake’s truck, but Jake wakes up just as he’s admitting it. Jake doesn’t know about Will’s death, though. Brooke comes back in, so she tells Jake about Will.

Emma Tries to Get Back to Normal

Emma decides to go back to school and is totally ignoring her problems. She just wants to get back to normal. Maggie, Aubrey and Noah are shocked that Emma is going back. She tells them she’s okay. But they, like everyone else, don’t buy it. That’s when Emma sees Will’s locker, but she decides to stay.

Kiernan hugs Emma and she thanks him for being the only one who hasn’t asked her if she’s okay. He just wants her to know he’s there, but she’s being super distant. Then she goes to the bathroom and starts hallucinating Will.

Is Emma’s Dad the Killer?

The sheriff fills Maggie in on the mayor. He also has information on Emma’s dad. He was working on an oil rig but left three weeks ago, just in time for Maggie to get the heart. He also talks about helping Emma, but Emma storms in to say not to do anything and that she’s not worried about herself — she’s worried about everyone else — and then storm back out.

Later, the sheriff comes to talk to Maggie about Emma’s dad again. She says that he wouldn’t hurt Emma like this. However, the sheriff’s been tracking his credit card and he’s been close by. He tells Maggie to let him know if Kevin contacts her or Emma. But is he being set up like in the original Scream?

How Will Emma Deal with Will’s Death?

It seems like everyone wants to tell Emma how to deal with Will’s death. Audrey and Noah catch Emma “self-diagnosing on the Internet” and encourage her to open up. She keeps seeing Will, but they say it’s not surprising. She needs to process this. They’re not too helpful, though, and she leaves.

So Emma leaves and suddenly all the lights go out, but it’s just light enough to see a trail of blood and some figure. She runs away and sees Will holding a heart. So she flees and runs right into Kiernan, who always happens to be in the right place at the right time.

Emma doesn’t want Kiernan’s help. He says there’s no “right way” to deal with this and he wants to help, but she doesn’t want to be near anyone because the killer will just kill anyone she gets close to.

Later, Piper is recording her podcast about Will in the coffee shop and sees Emma, who doesn’t believe the mayor is the killer. Then Piper also gives her two cents on how Emma should deal with this. Piper says she’ll survive and that she has to fight back. She comes from a family of survivors, but the killer said her family’s “a fraud.” Emma needs to find the answers herself.

While she’s working, Emma starts to hear the “Daisy” song and completely freaks out. Then she sees Will again. He gives her a heart-shaped charm, but she’s hallucinating it. And Emma ends up in the hospital.

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Emma’s Dad Finally Makes an Appearance

Emma settles in for the night at the hospital, and that’s when her dad shows up. It’s all very suspicious. He says the sheriff called his boss and that he was sorry. Emma’s pretty pissed at him, though. He hasn’t answered her letters. He says he missed her and that they all needed a clean break. Emma then tells him about the tape. Ultimately, she tells him to leave. When she turns back, he’s gone.

Piper visits Emma in the morning and tells her about her dad. Since Piper’s dad is dead, she tells Emma that she should forgive her dad and let him back into her life.

Emma Searches for Answers

Emma continues dreaming about the killer and Will. She wakes up and hears her parents fighting about a baby, but she’s still dreaming. She finds out that her parents have been lying to her and she watches her dad leave. Since they were fighting about a baby, Emma assumes that they were fighting about her. But in her dream, Emma’s dad says to look around her. All of her hallucinations have had clues, and she finally realizes that it wasn’t about her at all.

After Emma finally wakes up for real, she starts looking for answers. She asks for the footage they took at that creepy hospital and sees that there were ultrasound pictures of a baby in there.

Emma calls Maggie to the hospital and flat-out asks her about the ultrasound. Maggie says that she didn’t leave town after the murders because she was sick or overwhelmed by the press. She was pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption. She came back, reconnected with Emma’s dad and tried to move on. So who’s the father? Maggie had found out that Emma’s dad cheated and she wound up sleeping with Brandon James, of course. It’s all coming together. So Emma asks the one question we all have. Is Maggie’s child back?

Is the Mayor the Killer?

Piper shows up to the police department and tells the sheriff she has some information. She shows him the mayor’s tape. Nina, Tyler, Jake and Will all had the information, and now Will, Tyler and Nina are dead and Jake’s lucky to be alive.

Brooke goes up to Piper and asks if her dad’s going to be arrested. She feels terrible for selling him out, but what else was she supposed to do?

The mayor goes in for questioning and denies having anything to do with the murders. The video isn’t what it looks like, and Brooke’s mom is in rehab. He says that he’ll come clean, but he wants to tell Brooke the truth first. Brooke refuses to do anything until she knows her mom is okay, so the sheriff gives her the number. Why her dad couldn’t do that in the first place, I don’t know.

After talking to her mom, Brooke goes to see her dad. He tells Brooke that her mom started using and that he found her mom’s friend had OD’d. He panicked because he didn’t want the scandal getting out, so he dealt with the body. Then Brooke says “goodbye” to her dad for good.

Is Mr. Branson the Killer?

Back in class, Aubrey and Noah continue to discuss their theory that Mr. Branson is the killer while they conveniently talk about McCarthyism.

They continue to talk about Mr. Branson being a killer later in the episode. Noah thinks he’s hiding in plain sight and is killing all the high school archetypes. So they decide to investigate some more.

Audrey and Noah go searching in Mr. Branson’s classroom. They open the vent and find “a murder knife.” That’s when Noah’s phone goes off. They got a hit on Mr. Branson’s identity. So they call the sheriff and tell him that Mr. Branson had an affair, the girl wound up dead and he disappeared. Then he showed up here with a different name. The sheriff is pretty suspicious of Audrey and Noah, but in the end, the sheriff decides to arrest Mr. Branson.

Meanwhile, Mr. Branson is meeting up with Brooke in the auditorium. She wants to hook up and he tries to tell her she’s not thinking straight, but they end up getting back together. But suddenly the music goes off and they hear something. Mr. Branson says he’ll check it out, which is a horrible, horrible idea.

The curtains open, the lights go off and the spotlight shines on Brooke. And that’s when the killer attacks. Brooke flees and runs right into Mr. Branson. And that’s when all the cops show up.

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