On this episode of Suits, “Borrowed Time,” Harvey works to discredit Cahill’s witness, Mike continues to try and get Jill to make a deal and Louis struggles with being the other man. Meanwhile, Jessica and Rachel continue to work on Leonard’s case.

Things are looking pretty bleak for Mikey. His deal has been rescinded, Kevin no longer trusts him which means he lost his only ally in jail and Gallo has figured out Mike and Harvey’s plan. If Harvey can’t get Gallo out, the whole prison will know that Mike is a rat.

Harvey Shifts Gears

Things at Pearson Specter Litt hasn’t improved much either. Harvey’s doing an intentionally shoddy job of representing his sole client, Louis learned that Tara has a boyfriend and wants Louis to be her East-Coast sidepiece, Jessica and Rachel lost the one witness who could clear Leonard Bailey and Jessica’s hopes that her firm’s profile could be improved by winning a big pro-bono case look to be going down the drain.

Harvey has to break the bad news to Jessica that he’s basically about to lose Sutter’s case for nothing. With the deal off the table, Jessica says Harvey has no choice but to win. They’re trying to build back up their client base and can’t afford to take the hit.

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Cahill and Harvey head to court where Cahill blows his wad in his opening statement, announcing he’s got a witness who can corroborate giving Sutter inside information time and time again over the past 10 years.

Harvey asks for a delay in the proceedings because Cahill violated the rules of discovery. Sean introduced a witness in his opening statement, and it’s the first time Harvey’s heard about it (wink, wink). Cahill argues the witness just came forward the night before. But since there’s numerous ways to reach out and touch someone these days, there’s no reason Cahill couldn’t have sent an email or shot a text. Harvey claims to not even know the witness’ name.

The judge agrees to give Harvey three days to depose Phillip Allen.

Harvey learns from Sutter that Allen doesn’t have anything on him, but the guy can give them Jill. She’s the one Allen gave the information to, so if this goes down, Jill goes down instead of Sutter. Sutter says if Harvey does his job, Cahill won’t be able to prove that the information Allen gave Jill made its way to Sutter.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Jessica and Rachel once again deliver bad news to Leonard Bailey. Maria Gomez is dead and they’ve got five days to find another reason to get his case reopened. Jessica also has a plan to try and get Leonard more than five days. He has a right to have a family member present at his execution, and if that relative is ill and needs time to recover in order to travel, Jessica and Rachel can petition the court for a delay and it has to be granted.

Leonard’s aunt, Harriet, has MS, but he explains to Rachel and Jessica that she won’t do them any good. Leonard has reached out to Harriet multiple times, but she wants nothing to do with him because she believes he’s guilty. Rachel’s determined to try and change Harriet’s mind.

Rachel goes to see Harriet, and she’s as warm and fuzzy as you’d expect. Rachel gives her pitch about Leonard being innocent, but Harriet wants proof. Rachel’s working on it, but in the meantime would Harriet mind signing this request to buy him some time. This way, maybe Rachel can change Harriet’s mind that Leonard is no good. Harriet agrees to sign but not to be present if Leonard is executed.┬áRachel’s still bummed though because if she can’t convince Harriet that her nephew is innocent, how will she and Jessica convince a jury of strangers.

Bachelor Number 2

Louis tells Donna that Tara revealed that she’s got a boyfriend. They do have an “understanding” that allows them to see other people, but Tara told Louis he’s the first guy she ever wanted to step out with. Louis doesn’t see the point in seeing Tara anymore, figuring there’s no way he can compete with the other guy, but Donna believes Louis could be risking missing out on an opportunity. When a woman is happy in a relationship, she doesn’t go looking somewhere else. She urges Louis to fight for Tara.

Harvey Tears Apart a Witness; Mike Comes Clean

Kevin decides to forgive Mike for interfering, figuring Mike was just trying to look out for him. Not quick to forgive or forget is Gallo. He warns Mike that he better get Harvey up to Danbury by 6pm, or he’s going to “schedule a hearing of his own.” That’s code for narc Mike out.

Mike calls Donna and gets all kind of bad news. Harvey hasn’t lifted a finger to help Gallo, figuring Mike would be out before he had to.go through with it. She also informs him that Cahill pulled the deal since his superiors didn’t believe Mike was holding up his end of the deal. Mike calls bullshit, telling Donna he’s been busting his ass. She knows that and so does Harvey which is why Harvey is trying to get the deal back. Mike tells Donna that why Harvey’s at it, he better make good on his word to Gallo.

Harvey goes to work on Phillip Allen. Cahill is also present to protect his star witness. Things play out as expected. Allen admitted to speaking to Jill but not Sutter. Allen has zero proof that the information made it to Sutter. This comes as an unpleasant surprise to Cahill who you think would have verified this himself.

Now that Cahill’s witness has been discredited, Cahill has to go after Jill. And to do that, he’ll need Mike’s help which puts the possibility of a deal right back on the table.

Mike has no choice but to go to Kevin. He reveals that Cahill has a witness which mean’s Jill’s involvement is no longer a secret. Jill needs to cut a deal for immunity. Kevin doesn’t trust Cahill or any possible deals, but Mike swears Harvey wouldn’t let Cahill screw Jill over. Kevin doesn’t understand why since he’s Sutter’s lawyer, and Mike has no choice but to let Kevin know why Harvey is so invested. Getting Jill off means Mike gets off too.

Mike’s confession sends Kevin into a rage, and two guards have to pull Mike’s cellmate off of him. Kevin gets hauled off to solitary.

Leonard has a surprising reaction to his stay of execution. He’s not relieved, he’s pissed. Once he learns that his aunt still thinks he’s guilty, he goes after Jessica. Did she even try? Did she even go to see Harriet like she promised? Jessica tries to explain that A) She’s got a firm to run and B) It’s not her job to repair Leonard’s fractured relationship with his family.

Leonard believes that Rachel and Jessica together stood a better chance of convincing Harriet he was innocent.

Mike confronts Gallo. (It’s amazing how in prison these two manage to have so many one-on-once conversations, especially in the men’s room.)

Mike tells Gallo that he’s got a hearing, but he’s tired of Gallo’s threats. And if Gallo wants to go run and tell Kevin that Mike’s been informing on him, it’s too late. Mike also wants Gallo to use his connections to get Kevin out of solitary. Gallo agrees, but if Mike gets out and he doesn’t, Gallo promises he can get to Mike just as easily on the outside as in.

A Second Chance at Love

Jessica runs into old flame, Jeff, at the courthouse, and the spark is still very much there. She calls him and asks him to dinner. Jessica tells him about Leonard basically accusing her of being cold, heartless and uncaring. She can take that kind of talk from other lawyers, but coming from a man whose life she’s trying to save, it’s a different deal. She wanted to spend some time with someone who didn’t believe that about her. Jessica invites Jeff back to her place, but he wants to take things slow.

Louis goes on another date with Tara, but the evening barely gets off to a start when Louis declares he can’t deal with being the other man. He wants Tara all to himself and can’t understand why any other man wouldn’t feel the same way. It’s no Lloyd Dobbler with a boom box, but it’s enough for Tara to ask Louis to take her home. Looks like Louis’ neurotic enthusiasm won him the heart of the girl.

After spending the night together however, Tara kicks Louis right in the balls. Her boyfriend called, he’s coming to town and he wants to see her. After three years together, she at least has to hear him out.

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Daddy’s Girl No More

Gallo makes good on his word (Which could be bad news for Mike down the road) and Kevin returns to his cell. He informs Mike that Jill has been indicted. He agrees to let Mike help him but not by getting Jill to turn on her father. Kevin swears Jill will never do that.

Mike recruits Donna to help him. She tracks down Jill and shares how her own father committed a crime years earlier, but before he did, he tried to involve her. Donna admits she almost said yes because she loved him, and she knew he was a good man. Then she tells Jill to visit Kevin at Danbury and keep an open mind.

Harvey informs Sutter that his daughter has been indicted, but Sutter thinks his daughter is a big girl who can take care of herself. Harvey warns Sutter that once Cahill gets Jill in a room, he has no idea what they’ll do to get her to cut a deal.

Harvey wants Sutter to give him authorization to cut them both a deal. At the most, Sutter will serve three years and keep his daughter out altogether. Sutter refuses. He’s willing to let his daughter take the fall because she’s still young. When she gets out, she’ll have years in front of her and can resume her life with the money he gives her.

Sutter says he loves his daughter, but she’d be nothing without him. Jill knows if she does this, she’ll be taken care of for the rest of her life.

Sutter doesn’t know that Harvey recorded the conversation, and once Jill hears it, she agrees to cut a deal. She also agrees to let Mike broker the deal. He hands it over to Cahill. Jill knows Mike isn’t a lawyer, but she’s okay with it since he’s keeping her out of prison. She’ll testify against her father and receive full immunity. It also says that Cahill has to acknowledge that Mike brought her to him. Fool him once, Sean Cahill.

Sutter comes after Harvey, but Harvey says he simply played the tape for his other client, Kevin, and Jill just happened to be there. But Harvey didn’t hang Sutter totally out to dry, he got him a somewhat lenient sentence. Sutter offers up some idle threats, but Harvey wins. Game over.

The End?

Jeff wanted to take things slow because he was considering a job offer in Chicago. He’s decided to take it. He’d ask Jessica to come, but he knows she’ll never leave her firm.

Mike apologizes to Kevin for his betrayal, but since Mike kept Jill out of prison, he considers he and Mike square.

Mike’s convinced he’s coming home, but there’s still a big loose end with Gallo in the mix. And Cahill’s not always a man of his word.

Suits airs Wednesdays at 9pm on USA.

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