Lydia Martin had a tough time in Eichen House last season on Teen Wolf. So what’s in store for our favorite banshee in season six? BuddyTV sat down with actress Holland Roden at San Diego Comic Con to find out.

Holland, accompanied by her mom, talked about a less painful season for Lydia, more bonding with Malia, teased Stiles and Lydia fans with a tidbit, and talked about how there might be more in store for Lydia’s love life in season six. 

Check out the video below for the full interview: 

Interview Highlights:

  • Holland’s mom sat at the table with everyone since she was at SDCC with her this year.
  • We learned about Lydia’s personal family history and this season there are a lot of different time periods and there’s perhaps a banshee connection to one of them.
  • There’s an amazing episode that focuses more on the folklore instead of just Lydia’s family. 
  • Lydia and Malia have a ton of scenes together this season. It’s a fun dynamic between Lydia’s intelligence and Malia’s interpretation of how the world works. 
  • The kind of mysteries they’re solving this season, they need the physicality of Malia and the supernatural abilities of Lydia.
  • “Lydia definitely has a connection to someone this season,” Holland says when asked about Lydia’s love life. 
  • Both Lydia and Deputy Parish have really interesting roles this season.
  • Since Scott is single this season you can look to Lydia and someone else for the romance angle, but Holland won’t say who.
  • This season is a lot easier on Lydia compared to being in Eichen House. She’s more part of the pack this season again.
  • The villains are the biggest problem they’ve had so far in Beacon Hills.
  • There’s still a bit of bickering between Stiles and Lydia but it’s still about getting the job done. Lydia is the most mature she’s ever been on the show.
  • What can she tell about Lydia and Stiles? “I think the Stydia fans will be at least entertained.” 
  • Either the sixth or eighth episode is one of her favorite episodes for Lydia’s character. It deals with a different time period.
  • Season 6A is similar to season 3A in that it’s a lot more psychological. 
  • Lydia doesn’t have a ton of fighting scenes this season. 
  • Holland talks about her shirt and that you can get it at and it supports Equality North Carolina.

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Teen Wolf premieres November 15 on MTV

(Photo courtesy of Sarah Boyce, video courtesy of Morgan Glennon)

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