After the Nick show, we finally learn what has been going on with Strand, Madison, Alicia and Ofelia in this episode of Fear the Walking Dead, “Los Muertos.” However, we still don’t know where Travis and Chris are. Also, it turns out Mexico is a scary place before and after the apocalypse, as Nick’s new home in the Colonia doesn’t really seem all it’s cracked up to be, and Strand and the ladies seek shelter in a hotel.

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Life in the Colonia

After getting patched up by Alejandro in the Colonia, Nick wanders around the area to see what it’s all about. He comes upon a child crying over her father. The man is seen saying goodbye to Luciana and Alejandro, walking into a crowd of walkers and sacrificing himself as the townspeople look on, chanting.

Luciana then recruits Nick for a mission to get more water. He asks what the ritual was about, and she explains that those near death join the others to protect the living. She tells Nick that she, along with Alejandro — who is the leader — believe that the infected will eventually leave and the world will become new again. She also tells Nick that Alejandro was bit and never turned, so they are convinced they will be okay in the end.

Let’s Make a Deal

They come upon a supermarket surrounded by drug dealers. Luciana explains that they now run the streets. She offers up medicine in exchange for water and other supplies in the store. The lead drug dealer tells her to fill up one cart, as the rules have changed and she can no longer have two. As they stroll through the market, Nick attempts to put a snack in the cart, but Luciana says no. He also notices a woman who is clearly suffering from withdrawal being comforted by the lead drug dealer.

As the pair heads out, the drug dealers tackle Nick and find the snack stuff in his pants. They threaten to cut off his hand, until he works out a deal to keep bringing drugs over to them to save the drug dealer’s sister. The man agrees, and Nick requests another cartload of water, which they get.

Will the Faithful Outlast the Dead?

Back at the Colonia, Nick gives his treat to the little girl who lost her father. Luciana looks on and is clearly taken aback by the gesture. However, Alejandro is not pleased. He explains the same philosophy to Nick that the faithful will eventually outlast the dead. As he speaks, Nick catches a glimpse of what could be a bite on Alejandro’s shoulder. Alejandro warns Nick that if he wants to stay in the Colonia, he needs to stay out of trouble and abide by the rules.

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Not Your Typical Mexican Resort

Out on the road, Madison, Strand, Alicia and Ofelia have been searching for Madison’s family. Alicia convinces her mother that they need to head back to their boat, the Abigail. However, when they get to the shore, there is a sign that says the Abigail has been taken and they should head north. Ofelia, who has lost hope, suggests that they just walk into the sea. But Alicia, who seems to be the only sensible one, suggests heading back into town and scouting out shelter at a hotel.

Since they are all clearly new at this game of clearing a building of the dead, they spend a few minutes across the street convinced that it’s clear. They break in and start looking for food and supplies. Strand and Madison stay down in the bar area, while Alicia and Ofelia start going through the rooms.

Strand and Madison have a grand old time getting drunk and discussing Madison’s previous life. She confesses to Strand that Nick and Alicia’s father did in fact die in a car accident, but he swerved into oncoming traffic because he was under the influence. She had told her children that their father died because he fell asleep at the wheel. As she gets more drunk, she starts throwing glasses at the wall. Strand sits at the piano and starts to bang around for sound effects. This, of course, perks up the ears of the dead, who are stuck in a convenience store across the street.

Meanwhile, Alicia and Ofelia are having a bit of trouble finding empty rooms. Eventually, they find a few and stock up on snacks and drinks. They stumble upon a room with a man who hanged himself in the shower. Ofelia almost seems jealous of him. As the pair discusses the future, or lack thereof, Alicia urges Ofelia to keep hope alive and not give up.

Ofelia realizes that there’s still hot water and suggests Alicia take a shower first. After she gets out, Ofelia is nowhere to be found. However, as Alicia heads out to the balcony, she sees walker after walker falling out of other balconies throughout the hotel, straight into the bar area where her mother is. She freaks out and races through the hall to find Ofelia and warn her mother, and she runs straight into a stairwell of walkers. Not good.

Back at the bar, Madison and Strand get overwhelmed with walkers as they get stuck behind the bar area trying to keep the infected at bay.

Now What?

For the annoying girl who didn’t want to leave her infected boyfriend in season 1 and gave up their ship’s location early on in season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead, Alicia seems to be the only one with a little bit of sense. However, she has a long way to go before she could possibly hang with Rick Grimes and his crew. The group of four really should have cleared a section of that hotel and just hunkered down, then ventured out each day to find supplies and food in different parts of the hotel. I mean, a hotel is a great place to be for shelter! But, alas, they are still trying to figure out what the heck is going on in the world.

Madison and Ofelia need to get a grip. Madison needs to be able to let go of the past, and Ofelia needs to be able to hold it together. I don’t know where she went, but if she keeps acting all melancholy, she’s just going to bring the group down.

And what has Nick gotten himself into? It seems like a strange cult that honestly believes they will be able to survive. But it seems like the blind leading the blind — a false sense of hope as opposed to actually surviving. I think Nick is starting to realize that walking among the dead isn’t exactly a way of life, but who knows? Perhaps being in the Colonia will be good for him.

We still don’t know where Travis and Chris are. I’m sure they will run into trouble, as Mexico doesn’t seem like the friendliest place to be during the apocalypse.

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