In this episode of The Bold Type, titled “If You Can’t Do It with Feeling,” things get more intense for all three of our girls. Jane is getting it on with Ryan from Pinstripe all while pushing forward as a “young, inspiring” voice in the political sphere. Sutton is desperately trying to win Oliver’s favor to secure the job in the fashion department. And last, but certainly not least, Kat struggles with her relationship with Adena.

Things get all the bolder on The Bold Type as this episode starts off with Jane and Ryan bursting into the apartment while Sutton texts with Kat about Jane’s relationship. Sutton is shocked to see the pair making out, and as they head off to Jane’s bedroom, it’s pretty clear things have heated up between them.

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Jane Becomes an Influential Voice

The next day at Scarlet, Jacqueline informs Jane that she is going to be on a panel of influential political writers. After talking to Jane, Jacqueline talks to Richard; she wants him to go to the board to talk about launching a political vertical for Scarlet.

Adena meets with Kat and asks her to write a character reference so she can extend her visa. Kat confides to Sutton and Jane that she is a little disappointed as she had hoped Adena was going to express her feelings for her.

Oliver calls on Sutton to create a “mood board” for part of her application to the fashion job. He tells her he’s glad she went to FIT, as opposed to the applicant who has no fashion experience. Sutton, however, is the candidate who has no fashion experience, and she doesn’t correct Oliver.

Sutton tells Kat and Jane about her dilemma, and they disagree about what she should do. Ryan comes to visit Jane and says he’s going to come watch her panel. Jacqueline and Richard will also be attending after Richard says the board doesn’t want to add the politics vertical.

Later at Jane’s panel, Jane is overwhelmed when it is clear that all of the other panelists have much more experience. She feels that she performed badly and didn’t have enough to say.

Kat Goes to Jail and Sutton Gets Caught in a Lie

Meanwhile, Kat goes out with Adena under the premise of “learning more about her” for the reference letter. While they’re out, a man hears Adena speaking on the phone to her mother and says that she should “speak English.” Kat tries to make the man apologize, and when he won’t, she punches him. The police come, but when Kat turns to Adena for support, Adena is gone. The next morning, Jacqueline bails Kat out of jail.

Richard runs into Oliver and, in trying to help Sutton, mentions that she has no fashion experience. Oliver calls Sutton out for lying, and Sutton leaves, devastated that she won’t be getting the job.

Adena comes to the office to apologize to Kat, but Kat can’t understand why Adena left her. Later, Jacqueline makes Kat see Adena’s side, reminding her that Adena could have been deported if she went to jail. She also reminds Kat that “being right isn’t always enough.”

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Sutton’s Future is On the Line

Later, Sutton is determined to get the fashion job herself, not because of some “FIT girl” who doesn’t exist. She creates a physical mood board that is all about her life to prove she deserves the fashion job.

The next day, Jacqueline tells Richard that she’s going forward with the political vertical with or without the board’s approval, and the first piece will be a feature about Kat’s experience with Adena.

Oliver calls Sutton into his office. He says she moved him and tells her she got the job. That night, Kat goes to apologize to Adena and finally expresses her feelings. Adena kisses her!

This is the second episode in a row to end with a passionate kiss.

What did you think of this episode? Do you think the show does a good job of balancing hard issues with silly and fun moments? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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