Perhaps the biggest mystery for the upcoming NCIS season 14 is how Wilmer Valderrama’s new character is going to fit in with the rest of the team. Though many fans have assumed that Wilmer’s character will be replacing the departed Tony DiNizzio, Valderrama says that is not the case. In an interview with EW, Valderamma opened up about his new role and said definitely he is not the “new Tony.” 

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Valderamma compared himself to Michael Weatherly‘s Tony, saying, “[Michael Weatherly] had a fantastic journey with the show. The truth is there’s no shoes to fill, I’m definitely wearing my own. I’m excited because as a new member of NCIS I get to bring a new energy to it, a different dynamic.”

Valderrama’s character truly doesn’t sound quite as even-keeled as Tony was on the show. His character has not only been described as a “loose cannon” in the official description, Valderrama talked about some of things he has been doing on the NCIS set. He described his character as “crazy.” “We’re at day 5 of shooting on the first episode,” Valderramma elaborated. “Already there’s been a couple of explosions and I shot a guy off of a motorcycle already.”

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Valderramma will also play a bit more mysterious character as he is a field agent who disappeared years ago while going under deep cover. Many assumed that he was dead but when he shows back in NCIS season 14, he will surprise more than a few people. 

Valderrama also posted a video on his Twitter (embedded below) on the set of NCIS with co-star Emily Wickersham. Once again Valderrama promised literal explosions for the season 14 premiere and his character’s introduction. 

But what do you think? Are you looking forward to Wilmer’s character? Does the newest addition sound too intense? Is a good idea to not “replace” Tony? Do you think this “loose cannon” will manage to fit in with the show? 

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