In this episode of Scream, “The Orphanage,” Stavo’s behavior grows more mysterious, Kieran and Emma search for a connection between Miss Lang and the killer, Audrey deals with the fallout now that everyone knows the truth about her relationship with Piper, and the killer claims another victim.

The stress of being the ongoing target for homicidal maniacs is really getting to Emma. Now she’s dreaming of stabbing her pals (Noah, Audrey and Kieran), and Maggie finds her daughter — who has started sleepwalking — in the kitchen with a knife in her hand.

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Out All Night

Emma confides in Kieran that this isn’t the first time she’s had this type of dream, which usually end with her hands covered in blood as opposed to her holding a deadly weapon. Kieran assures Emma that if he could sleep, he’d probably have nightmares too. 

Emma’s got bigger problems than homicidal dreams. She has no idea how to deal with the Audrey situation. Emma has never felt so betrayed.

The Sheriff learns that Stavo didn’t spend the night at home. He wasn’t out butchering people; instead, he was snuggling with Brooke. Brooke has a wicked hangover, but she does remember the speech she gave calling her dad a liar and telling the entire town they basically deserved to die. Brooke hops in the shower, and Stavo, still proving he’s still monumentally creepy, steals a bottle of her perfume. 

Emma Confronts Audrey

Emma and Kieran fill Brooke in about Audrey, and the threesome confront Noah at school. Emma wants to know how long Noah has been keeping Audrey’s nasty little secret. He apologizes for not saying anything, but he thought Audrey should be the one to break the news. 

Emma tells Noah that she heard the entire confession Noah recorded because someone sent it to her in an e-mail. Noah asks to see the e-mail, which is signed “Secret Friend.” 

Noah tries to defend Audrey, saying his bestie has just been destroyed, but Emma snaps. Their friends were being killed, and Audrey didn’t say a word to anyone, including Noah. 

Enter Audrey, who wants a chance to explain. She swears she didn’t know Piper was the killer, but Emma doesn’t believe her. Emma thinks Audrey just didn’t want people to blame her, but they should. Their very public tiff draws a crowd, and Emma shoves Audrey into a locker, telling Audrey that everyone should blame her. 

Audrey is hysterical, and Noah has a big “I told you so” coming. He never imagined things would get this bad, but Audrey knew. She’s felt the sting of Emma’s rejection before, and now Emma, Brooke and Kieran all hate her. 

Noah offers to talk to Emma on her pal’s behalf, but Audrey points out that this would be a fruitless endeavor since Emma no longer trusts him either. Speaking of trust, Audrey questions why Noah recorded their conversation. He swears it was an accident, and Audrey wants to know if he sent it to her on accident too. 

Audrey points out that Noah prides himself on being un-hackable, so someone with access to Noah’s computer had to have sent that file. Audrey wants to know who besides her and Noah’s mother has been in Noah’s room. We all know where this is going. Noah refuses to believe that Zoe would do such a thing. He tells Audrey to meet him after school, and he’ll prove Zoe’s innocence.

Getting Played

Emma decides that maybe it would be a good idea to ditch school, but when she opens her locker to get her stuff, she finds an audio cassette with a note saying “Play me.” The tape belongs to Miss Lang. The teacher states that she’s become a target for Emma’s paranoia and aggression. Emma’s attack on Hayley and the vandalism of Miss Lang’s office (when Emma smashed through a window to confront the killer during the lockdown) show that Emma has “seriously violent tendencies.” Lang also says that she needs Emma, so she’ll find a way to break through. 

Emma fears that Miss Lang’s assessment of her is how everyone sees her — violent and unstable. Kieran urges Emma to not take Miss Lang seriously since the woman has obviously been stalking her. But Emma can’t deny that she’s done everything Miss Lang said and more. She almost shot Kieran the night before. Kieran reminds Emma that this isn’t a normal situation, and she’s been manipulated. 

Noah is determined to figure out who hacked into his computer, and he’s called Zoe to help him figure it out. Audrey accuses Zoe straight-up of pirating the file. Zoe asks why she would do that, and Audrey says to cause a rift between her and Noah, getting her out of the picture. Zoe argues that Audrey is impossible to get out of the picture and adds that it’s no wonder Noah is still a virgin. Jealous much?

Noah goes into his sent file and discovers that Zoe did send the file to herself. She’s a huge fan of The Morgue and wanted to listen to it. But once she did, Zoe deleted it. Audrey doesn’t believe Zoe, but Noah does. He got the sender’s thread from Emma’s phone, and if he can hack into the ISP, he can find out who the account is registered to. Bad news for Zoe — it’s her. 

Zoe maintains that she’s not the mysterious sender, and Noah backs her up. Audrey finding out who sent the file to Emma isn’t going to change what she did or how Emma feels about it. Audrey has to figure out how to fix things with Emma.

Zoe thanks Noah for having her back. He’s willing to forgive and forget her spying and stealing a file just as long as he finally dips his wick (which he does). And, apparently, he’s spectacular. 

Calm, Cool and Creepy

Maggie identifies the second body who is, of course, Eddie, the clerk from the Crescent Palms. When she gives the news to the Sheriff, it barely seems to register, and Maggie wants to know what’s up. The Sheriff is worried that Stavo didn’t come home, and his son is refusing to return his texts or phone calls. 

He tells Maggie why he’s concerned about Stavo. In Phoenix, Stavo and his friend got a hold of the Sheriff’s gun, and Kyle suffered a gunshot to the face. Needless to say, Kyle didn’t make it. 

Maggie can’t imagine how traumatized Stavo must have been to watch his friend die. Surprisingly, Stavo took it in stride. But he did draw his friend dying and dead in his notebook. There was some question as to how long Kyle was bleeding before Stavo called it in. Ultimately, it was ruled an accidental death.

Acosta shows Maggie some drawings he found in Stavo’s room, some really graphic ones of the Lakewood survivors, including Emma.

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The Killer Leaves Clues

Emma and Kieran go to visit Miss Lang at the hospital. She’s sedated but conscious. When the teacher sees Emma, she freaks out and begins to scream. 

Emma and Kieran are putting together what might have happened to Miss Lang. They know everyone is saying the teacher fell down the stairs, but the couple believes she may have been pushed, and the killer took the tape. 

As they stand in the hallway trying to figure out WTF is up, Emma notices a bouquet of flowers about to be delivered to Miss Lang’s room. And yup, they’re daisies. Emma tells Kieran how Brandon James called her mom ‘Daisy’ and actually deliberates if there could be a connection. There’s only one way to find out, so Kieran grabs the card, which is signed “Piper.” 

Kieran heads back to Miss Lang’s room and steals her house keys from the bedside table.

Kieran and Emma let themselves into Miss Lang’s house and do a little detective work. In Lang’s bedroom, Emma notices a picture hung upside down on the wall. It’s a picture of Piper and Lang as children. The two were residents of the Blessed Sisters Children’s Home. The killer obviously meant for them to find it, but how did he/she know they were coming? Emma recalls hearing weird stories about the orphanage when she was a kid.

Post-coitus, Noah and Zoe discuss how the killer could have known about the recording and what his motive is for trying to implicate Zoe. Noah has an aha moment and realizes that the camera he found in the storage unit is bugged. The killer has heard everything.

Emma has to put her anger at Emma aside to get some intel about Blessed Sisters. It was a foster home until 10 years ago, but before that, it was an insane asylum. It closed down after an abuse scandal, something about instructors and kids in the attic. 

The Truth About Jake

Sheriff Acosta leaves his office to attend a city council meeting, and Stavo waltzes right in. He looks through the files on his dad’s desk, which include copies of texts supposedly going back and forth between Jake and Mayor Maddox. They explain why Jake was at Wren Lake Estates the night he was kidnapped — the Mayor (or the killer) sent him there. What Jake had planned to win Brooke back remains a mystery. 

Stavo shoots a picture of the correspondence with his phone. He also sees the file his dad is keeping on him, full of info about the fatal shooting and his disturbing drawings. 

Stavo climbs in Brooke’s window and shows her the texts. Jake was going to burn down Wren Lake Estates, Mayor Maddox’s failed development. Funny, the killer wound up taking care of that problem for Quinn anyway. 

Brooke confronts her dad, and she blames him for Jake’s death. If he hadn’t been out there doing her daddy’s dirty work, old Jakie might still be alive. 

Piper Returns

As Audrey composes an e-mail to Emma, she gets a call from the killer. He threatens to kill Noah and sends Audrey scurrying off to try and save the day. 

Emma, Kieran, Zoe and Noah arrive at the old orphanage to find it crawling with people. It looks like a good old-fashioned rave. Everyone in attendance is wearing Brandon James masks. Emma stops a girl to ask who’s throwing the party, and it turns out she and Audrey are. A massive e-vite went out inviting every Lakewood teen to “Take Back the Mask.”

Emma and her friends brainstorm a way to shut down the party. Zoe thinks their best bet is to cut the power. 

Zoe and Noah look for a circuit box, and Kieran calls the Sheriff. Emma spots Hayley and suspects that she could be the real host. Hayley admits to sending out the invite. She promised to help out a friend, a very special friend who prefers to remain anonymous. 

Emma points out that Hayley could be protecting a killer, but Hayley tells Emma that the mystery friend is someone she’s dating. Uh, that doesn’t mean he’s not a killer. Hayley heads off into the crowd, and Emma takes off after her but is distracted by Audrey’s arrival. Audrey informs Emma that Noah is the killer’s next target, but that may not be the case.

In an isolated corner of the old foster home, Hayley hooks up with her mystery man — or so she thinks. She’s done as he’s asked by gathering all the principle players together in one spot. The guy is the strong, silent type, which is okay by Hayley. It’s only after she drops to her knees to, you know, that he pulls out the knife. She never stood a chance, and her screams are drowned out by the loud music. The killer does a serious number on her too. She was never a contender as a serious suspect anyway.

Zoe and Noah successfully cut the power. Audrey and Emma receive the same text message simultaneously: “Better get upstairs before your better half.” When they arrive, they find Piper’s body. 

Emma and Audrey killed Piper together, and the killer wants revenge. She tells Sheriff Acosta to question Hayley about her very special friend. He does find Hayley, but she’s unable to answer any questions since she’s dead and strung up crucifixion-style.

Brooke checks into a hotel and invites Stavo — who made a brief and unexplained appearance at the party — to keep her company. It looks like Brooke is about to make a special friend of her own.

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