With only two episodes left in the Suits summer season, Pearson Darby Specter will be dealing with their mistake a.k.a their merger. In the aftermath of Stephen’s guilt and Jessica’s underhanded move to get rid of Darby, the divorce isn’t going to be without battles.

Before the war begins, Harvey decides he needs to bond with Donna and have a little bit of fun. He picks her up in the morning, but it’s not about work. It’s shopping time! “You’ve been needing a new handbag,” Donna tells Harvey. 

Yes, she says that to him. You’ll have to watch to find out why. Though, he replies, “You can never have too many handbags.” Oh, the sweet banter of Donna and Harvey in the morning. It’s nice to see them back together again and witty as ever.

In “Bad Faith,” it’s like a legal game of ping pong as the two sides face off and try to outplay each other. Louis Litt Fans, rejoice! Your man finally gets the opportunity to shine when Jessica puts him in charge of the firm dissolution negotiations.

Of course, Louis accepts the challenge as only he can by telling Jessica, “Oh my God. You and Harvey are letting me in on one of your missions? This is Littastic.” Yes, Louis it is! This provides him with plenty of opportunities for Louis to be Louis for good and bad.

As the ball goes back and forth, Scottie and Harvey go head-to-head.  A little trust goes a long way to settling the dispute until the divorce proceedings go astray. It’s not going to be pretty.

Emotions run high throughout “Bad Faith,” but there are plenty of funny moments and some unexpected touching and emotional ones as well.

Are you ready to be Litt Up? 

Suits airs Tuesday at 10 pm ET on USA.

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