The third season of Sci-Fi’s Eureka is currently underway and tonight, we will get to see the episode entitled “Show Me the Mummy,” which will feature a famed archeologist on the hunt for a mummy after he opens the tomb of an Egyptian queen at Global Dynamics.

Meanwhile, one of the stars of Eureka recently opened up about the third season, sharing with us some of his insights about his character and the relationships he has with other personalities on the show.  Ed Quinn, who plays Nathan Stark on the series, reveals that the show picked off right where if left off, but will slightly differ from last season’s drama-filled episodes, saying, “the audience is going to have to get ready for a departure from a lot of the story lines from earlier.”

“There’s a lot of the storylines that have been to put to rest.  There was an original mythology to the show, and I think now the writers want to move towards a different mythology,” he explained to Media Blvd Magazine.  “That’s part of the introduction of new characters and new story lines.  The audience should get ready to experience a whole new direction for the show.”

As for possible spoilers, there is only one thing Quinn has to say, and that is “most of the big story lines we need to keep a wrap on.  I don’t want to spoil it for everyone.  But there is a big, big reveal this season that I think will make the first eight episodes kind of memorable, then really send the show off into a different direction.”

What fans can count on, though, is that “I think definitely we have a couple of kind of zany episodes right off the bat.  It’s a lot of big high jinks and big special effects.  So it’s a little less of the relationship super drama that we had last season.  It’s kind of procedural sci fi; each week there’s a big scientific calamity and we solve the case.”

Tune into the Sci-Fi network tonight at 9pm for the latest episode of Eureka.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Media Blvd Magazine
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Valerie Del Castillo

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