Anne Slowey has finally named the winner of Stylista, the competitive reality series that saw fashionista wannabes as they compete for a junior position at a high profile magazine.  The competition was down to three hopefuls, DyShaun, Johanna and Megan, who all proved they have talent and potential to succeed in the fashion industry.  In the end, however, only one won the title of Stylista and the victor came in the form of Johanna.

For the first challenge on last night’s episode, the contestants were informed that they will be interviewed with Roberta Meyers, Editor-in-chief of Elle Magazine.  DyShaun was interviewed first, followed by Johanna and then Megan, who was the only one who responded with a “no” when asked if she had any questions for Roberta.  Shortly after, Roberta discussed the differences between the three contestants with Joe Zee and Anne, and decided to send Megan home, leaving DyShaun and Johanna competing against each other for the final challenge.

For Stylista‘s the last challenge, some of the former contestants were brought back to assist the final two on their designs.  Megan and Kate were assigned for Johanna, while Danielle and Ashlie were chosen for DyShaun.

As reported previously, the contestants must create a cover and will be responsible for the entire photo shoot, styling, and cover titles.  Grammy-winner Eve guest starred for the final judging. DyShaun’s presentation was up first and was told that the shoot was unorganized, though Eve loved the clothes he used.  Johanna, on the other hand, took a bold move with a risky pose she used but Eve absolutely adored her work.

In the end, Johanna was crowned winner, earning the paid editorial position at Elle Magazine, a paid lease on an apartment in Manhattan, and a clothing allowance at H&M, all for one year, valued at $100,000.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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