In just a few short weeks, fans of The Bachelor will tune in to watch Jason Mesnick get a second chance at love.  There isn’t a fan of the show, or of The Bachelorette, out there who doesn’t remember watching Mesnick’s proposal to DeAnna Pappas get rejected on national television.  Now, he’s in a much happier place and is even engaged to the woman that he chooses at the end of this season!  This week, ABC will be releasing the list of 25 women that will compete for Jason’s heart and, in preparation for the premiere this January, Jason spoke to the press today in a conference call.  Read on to hear what he has to say about everything from involving his son on the show to televising his upcoming wedding.

On the decision to become The Bachelor

“It wasn’t an easy decision because my question was, ‘How would this impact Tyler?’ That was my first question. I talked to a therapist and a pediatrician and they said, ‘He’s going to be fine’. I just said, ‘I’m not gonna go more than a week or so without seeing him.’ I can’t do that. The show was great and they gave me what I need. He was around when he needed to be and he was with his mom when he needed to.”

On single mothers being on the show this season…
“Honestly, it doesn’t make a difference either way. I would hope people would view me as a person, not just as a single dad. It didn’t surprise me that there were single mothers but it didn’t make me think one way or the other.”

On his son being part of The Bachelor
“He plays a very small part on the show. You’ll see that, early on, if you see him, it’s him and I. Just him and I.”

On advice from his son…
“He’s 3 so he lives a life day to day and has a great time no matter what he’s doing. I don’t know about any advice by word, but his advice by living is, ‘Let’s just live today’. When you’re with a little guy, you know it’s all about today.”

On revealing the engagement…
“I just remember, in my opinion, how could I hold something like that back, when I’m as happy as I am? There’s only certain things I can say with the show not even starting yet, but I just said to myself: ‘This is me. I’m so excited and I’m so happy and I want everyone to know it.’ There’s no way I could hold that back.”

On trying to find love on reality tv a second time…
“I just knew it was real. A real love experience for me. It’s something you have to experience to really, truly know. If that didn’t happen to me the first time, there’s no way I would do it [a second time].”

On a tv wedding…
“I have not even thought about anything like that. My life is off of tv and I cannot even imagine that happening.”

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

Source: ABC
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Gina Scarpa

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