On this week’s episode of Survivor, Jeff Probst threw a twist at the contestants.  Players from both tribes were going to be eliminated and individual immunity would be up for grabs.  The contestants competed in a log roll, sometimes going head to head against their own tribemate, and in the end, Marcus won, beating Ace and Sugar.  It seemed that Susie and Crystal would be obvious targets for elimination, and they were, except that it was Ace and Dan who were voted out instead.  Today, they spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview and neither held back when it came to their opinions about the people who sent them home!

Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview.

Let me start with Dan. So I cannot believe that Corinne called you a supposedly former fatty last night. How do you even respond to something like that?

Dan: I thought it was funny. I really did. As much as it shows her maturity level and her personality, it was funny to me. So I mean… she speaks for herself. I don’t need to even do it. I mean, what am I gonna do? Cry over it? It’s Corinne! If Corinne likes you, then you need counseling too.

Well, I didn’t think that you were playing a weak game socially. Did you think that you were having problems out there?

Dan: With Marcus and Corinne, I felt like I was having problems. Like I said, it is what it is. Marcus is an accomplished guy and he’s tough to get to know. Corinne is in her own world and I think, for me, I feel like we all had issues on the show and we all have our personality flaws and it’s just a matter of which personality flaws you can accept. Marcus and Corinne are two people with personality flaws that I just couldn’t accept.

Ok so Ace, why in the world would Fang vote you out instead of Crystal?

Ace: ‘Cause they’re mental midgets.

What is anyone thinking in this game? I cannot believe that Susie and Crystal are still in the game and you and Dan are on the phone with me right now.

Ace: Crazy! If it makes you feel any better, neither can we! It was just a combination of the characters that we were playing with, honestly. Fang was a tribe of unique personalities. You know, somebody asked me earlier, “How would you describe them?” and I said, “Well, we’ve got Sugar, who’s an idiot savant. We’ve got Matty who’s ‘way dude’. We’ve got Kenny who think he’s a strategist, while being 12 pounds and we’ve Crystal, who really competed in the Special Olympics.”

Dan: You are unleashing on this call! BuddyTV is getting the exclusive!

Ace: The exclusive that Ace is an ******* if you really provoke him.

But Ace, I thought you were in an alliance with Sugar until last night. You blew my mind. I had no idea.

Ace: Sugar’s a nice girl. She’s a friend of mine in real life. It’s just that, on the show, she was cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. She spent 10 days on Exile Island and she’s never been that mentally stable anyway. She just pushed herself over the limit. At a certain point in the game, she was like, “I didn’t even know I was playing the game.” I said, “You didn’t even know you were on the show.”

Well Dan, if you had made it to the merge, who would you have started aligning yourself with to get to the end?

Dan: I would’ve aligned with Matty in a heartbeat and I would’ve aligned with Ace. I know Ace had Sugar in his pocket and I would’ve done everything in my power to take Corinne and Marcus out, absolutely.

Ace, who is playing the game the worst right now?

Ace: That’s a hard choice. I don’t know. Honestly, I mean, it’s part luck. It’s part luck out there. There’s some strategy but next week, there could be a switch-up that completely confuses everyone. The worst out there right now would have to be Susie.

Dan, is this gonna be a season where weak physical players get far in the game because they align together?

Dan: I think that if you wanna run statistics on that, there’s probably a lot of weak players left in the game so I’d have to say yes, based on statistical reason. You just don’t know what the producers are gonna throw at you or what challenges are coming up. That being said, it’s hard to determine. It could be anyone’s game.

Do you guys have any bitter or hard feelings about the way you guys went out of the game?

Dan: Absolutely and I’m working on dealing with those. I know it’s really immature and there are people that I’ve prided myself on being a little bit more mature than ‘cause there’s a lot of people between 22-25 and I think that age comes out in this game and you see that the lack of maturity. I kind of feel like I need to be more mature and deal with those feelings and I know a lot of people are dealing with those feelings but you know, I’m a little bit… I’m still a little bit upset, you know. I am.

What about you, Ace?

Ace: I mean it was just a game. I was disappointed. I was very disappointed in myself more than anyone else. I mean, I had no faith in any of them, to tell you the truth. So I was disappointed that I lost the log roll, I was disappointed that I didn’t have the capacity to keep Sugar under control, you know, and it was more that I was mad at myself than any of them. I mean, obviously, I was frustrated that I had saved for 4 weeks running suddenly decided to assassinate me for no reason. If there was a reason, I would’ve understood but it was just a complete pot luck choice. That was hard for me but otherwise, you know, I don’t care anymore.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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