In the previous episode of Stitchers, Kirsten was asking too many questions, so Maggie’s boss paid her a visit. But all Kirsten got out of the cryptic conversation was his claim that Ed was killed for protecting her. Speaking of Ed, Kirsten had Linus decode a message Ed left for her. The message was a set of coordinates, and when Kirsten followed them, she found a key. And while working on the team’s latest case, Kirsten was exposed to technology that helped her unlock some of the missing memories from her childhood, including one where it looked like she was hooked up to an early version of the Stitchers tech.

In the seventh episode, “The Root of All Evil,” Kirsten’s boyfriend shows up out of the blue and Maggie tells Camille to look into him. Meanwhile, the team has to learn the identity of a Jane Doe so they can figure out who killed her.

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Mystery Men

Kirsten and Camille get an unexpected visitor when Kirsten’s never-before-mentioned boyfriend shows up at their house. Camille tells the rest of the team about Kirsten’s boyfriend, Liam, and Maggie is concerned. Maggie pulls Camille aside and tells her to find out everything she can about Liam. But Camille is not comfortable spying on Kirsten now that they are actually friends. Unfortunately for Camille, Maggie does not take no for an answer.

Camille digs into Liam’s life but does not find anything out of the ordinary. From all accounts, it seems like Liam is a good guy. Maggie looks at one of the photos Camille found of Liam. He is receiving an award and Maggie seems to recognize someone at the ceremony. Later on, Maggie meets with her boss, Les Turner. Maggie tells him that Liam checks out and shows him the picture. They both wonder if it is really “him,” and Les tells Maggie he will take care of it. Maggie, in turn, says she will keep an eye on Liam. Who is this guy and what is Liam’s connection to him?

Jane Doe and the Stolen Jewelry

The team’s latest case is a potential homicide involving a Jane Doe. They need to find out who the girl is so they can figure out who may have killed her. During the stitch, Kirsten tries to look for any clues as to the girl’s identity. All she gets out of the stitch is that the girl had a little dog and she threw a Fourth of July party at a fancy home. The house the girl used to throw the party at was featured on the cover of a magazine and Kirsten is able to identify it from her memories of the stitch.

Maggie takes Kirsten and Cameron to the house Kirsten saw in the girl’s memories. But the couple who lives there — Mr. and Mrs. Parks — do not have a daughter and they claim they were out of town the night Jane Doe threw the party. Kirsten believes Mr. Parks is lying and confronts him about it, but Maggie pulls her away before she can get into trouble. Maggie should have left Kirsten and Cameron behind, as neither of them is very good at discretion or tact.

Linus identifies Jane Doe — now known as Bentley — by the dog Kirsten saw her with in the stitch. Cameron and Kirsten go to Bentley’s house and Kirsten spots the same broken toilet she saw during the stitch. It turns out the toilet was disabled because Bentley stored stolen jewelry in the tank.

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Bentley and Blackmail

Linus and Cameron talk to Sadie, a girl Kirsten saw in Bentley’s memories and who showed up in a lot of her online photos. Sadie says she and Bentley broke into people’s homes when they were out of town and threw parties. She claims she never stole anything; that was all Bentley. She also says Mr. Parks came home the night of the party and Bentley was trapped in the house with him for hours.

Kirsten stitches into Bentley’s memories again and sees her hiding in the closet when a man and a woman come home. Bentley stays in the closet and takes a video of them having sex. Kirsten also sees Bentley arguing with someone she was blackmailing and that same person is the one who killed her. Kirsten cannot see the killer’s face, but she assumes it was Mr. Parks and that Bentley was blackmailing him over his affair.

Later that night, Maggie tells the team that Mr. Parks has been arrested because the police found texts between Parks and Bentley. But Kirsten soon realizes that she was wrong and the person who killed Bentley was a woman. Kirsten now believes it was Mrs. Parks. Kirsten and Camille go to the Parks’ home to look for the gloves she was wearing when she killed Bentley. Kirsten finds the gloves just as Mrs. Parks comes home. It turns out that she was the person Bentley caught on video and blackmailed. Mrs. Parks killed Bentley after she tried to up the price for the recording.

Mrs. Parks pulls a gun on the girls, but Kirsten knocks her out. After Mrs. Parks is arrested, Maggie scolds the girls for going to the house alone, but she also tells them they did a good job.

Will Kirsten Say Yes?

At the end of the episode, Kirsten and Liam continue reconnecting. Liam gives a little speech about how good they are together and then asks Kirsten to marry him. The episode ends before we can hear Kirsten’s response. But given how hard the show has been pushing the Kirsten-Cameron connection, I doubt Liam will be around for the long-term.

Other Happenings

— Throughout the episode, Cameron expresses a lot of jealousy toward Liam. He claims he is just worried for Kirsten that this boyfriend of hers suddenly came back after two years of working overseas, but even Linus manages to see the truth behind Cameron’s “concern.” Cameron and Linus decide to have a real “bro night” in order to forget about their problems. The only good thing about these scenes is that they invite another guy from work who beats them at the video game they are playing and calls them out on their nonsense.

— Camille is stressing over asking Maggie for a raise, but when she helps Kirsten successfully close the case, Camille braves the subject and Maggie agrees that she has earned it. Maggie also laughs at the low amount of money Camille asks for because she’s willing to pay more.

What did you think of this episode of Stitchers? How do you feel about Liam? Is he just a really good guy or is he too good to be true? Do you think Kirsten will say yes to his proposal? Who is the mystery man Maggie saw in the photo? Is it Kirsten’s dad? And was Maggie telling the truth about Fisher being away on a special assignment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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