On this episode of Star, “Saving Face,” Alex recovers from her accident and learns that she is pregnant with Derek’s child. Big Trouble also faces new changes and considers working with a new producer who does not like Jahil.

Sit Still, Look Pretty

Jahil is still dealing with the aftermath of finding out that he is Cotton’s father. He is upset with Carlotta for not telling him earlier, but also understands why she would not have trusted him with a child back then. Carlotta also opens up to Jahil about the first time she realized Cotton was different. Carlotta explained that when Cotton was younger, she asked to be called pretty instead of handsome. 

The next morning, Jahil invites Cotton over for breakfast and tells her he wants to be there for her during her surgery. When Cotton goes home, she discovers that her roommate robbed her and ran off to California with her surgery money.

Meanwhile, Star and Simone are at the hospital waiting for an update after Alex and Derek’s car accident. While they’re waiting, Star tells Simone about the house Hunter bought for her. Simone asks if Star loves Hunter, and she responds with “Who don’t want a ball player?” I think Star might just be using the girl band as a backup plan if she doesn’t get to be on WAGS.

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Baby, Please Don’t Go

The doctor tells Alex that she is going to be fine, and tells her that she is pregnant. Derek, on the other hand, is in a medically induced coma. Alex’s mother shows up at the hospital and overhears her talking about the pregnancy. She insists that Alex is too young to have a child and wants her to have an abortion. Alex talks to Star and Simone about the baby, and they convince her to tell Carlotta. The next day, Alex is allowed to visit Derek and even though he is out of his coma, he is still in rough shape.

Cotton comes to the salon to get her jewelry because she wants to sell it to get money for her surgery. Carlotta tries to comfort for her, but Cotton doesn’t want to hear it. At rehearsal, Jahil announces that he booked the band for multiple tour dates after their Atlanta Next Fest performance. Jahil also hires a social media expert to take sexy photos of Big Trouble to get the attention of the press. After rehearsal, Hunter tells Star that he loves her and he doesn’t want her to leave him for a tour. Star says she loves him too, but he should trust her to go on the road. Hunter continues to ask her to stay even after Star explains how important the tour is to her.

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Let’s Make A Deal

Cotton goes to her ex-boyfriend’s house and finds him with another girl. She insists on going to his room to get underwear she left the last time she was there, and steals money from his wallet. Cotton also goes to Jahil for a fake I.D. but won’t tell him why she needs it. A music producer named Big Boy approaches Big Trouble about working with them. The only catch is he does not want anything to do with Jahil. Star, Simone and Alex have no issue dropping him as their manager, but Eva hesitates. When Jahil gets wind of the deal, he tries to tell the girls that Big Boy is just trying to use them, but Star, Simone and Alex do not believe him. They want to find a lawyer to get out of their contract with Jahil.

Dangerously In Love

Derek finds out that there is nerve damage to his spine, and it is unlikely that he will ever walk again. When Alex comes to visit, he does not tell her about his injury, but she tells him that she is pregnant. Derek tells Alex that he will support her and be there for her. Alex’s mother also comes around and tells her she will be there for her no matter what she decides. 

In a much less functional relationship, Hunter hits Star again after she tells him the tour is more important to her than the house he bought her. Hunter says that it’s Star’s fault for provoking him, and Star runs away before he can apologize.

Elsewhere, the police identify Jahil owns the car that Otis’ (remember him?) blood was found in and arrest him.

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