On this episode of Star, “Boy Trouble,” Eva officially joins Big Trouble and they compete in the next round of Atlanta Next Fest. Meanwhile, Jahil tries to help Cotton after she relapses, and uncovers a big secret about their relationship.

Four Part Harmony

The episode opens with Star, Alex and Simone rehearsing their song “Sugar” for Atlanta Next Fest, and I can’t deny that it’s super catchy. This show is definitely at its best during the performances. After they finish practicing, Jahil compliments Alex and Simone, but not Star. The tension is still high between them after Jahil temporarily put Eva in the band.

Speaking of Eva, one of the judges from Atlanta Next Fest comes to their rehearsal and says they cannot perform as a trio because Jahil signed them up as a group of four. Eva was only in the band for approximately five minutes, but that happened to be when Jahil filled out the paper work for the competition. Star is furious and hits Jahil, but Simone convinces her that the only thing left to do is talk to Eva and put her back in the group. Meanwhile, Cotton, who is designing all of the costumes for the competition, shows up at the rehearsal high, which concerns Jahil. He goes to Carlotta and warns her that Cotton is on drugs again.

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The New Normal

Derek’s grandma refuses to let him use Alex’s lawyer for his trial. She does not want to take any of Alex’s money, even though the only alternative is a public defender. Later, when Derek and Alex are on a walk, a news station approaches him for an interview about the protest. Derek refuses and pushes the camera away. The reporter also asks Alex about getting pulled over and harassed by a white cop, which Derek did not know about. 

Star and Hunter are officially back together, but he does not want her at his house because of his mother. Star complains about them spending time in his car because “this isn’t high school,” but based on her behavior, it wouldn’t be surprising if she was still in high school.

After the drama with the Atlanta Next Fest judge, Eva officially joins the group and they get started on a new song. Jahil goes to Pumpkin (Missy Elliot’s acting continues to be a delight) for help on producing a four part harmony. At the studio, Eva asks Pumpkin if she can try to record Star’s part of the song. Much to Star’s dismay, Pumpkin and Jahil decide they like Eva’s version of the bridge better. At dance rehearsal, Star and Eva continue to clash (literally).

Bring It On

Carlotta shows up at Cotton’s house to try to get her to come home because she is back on drugs. Cotton refuses, and says she doesn’t have to listen to Carlotta anymore because she doesn’t live with her. 

Derek finds the reporter who he met with Alex to tell her to investigate the cop that pulled Alex over. He explains that the cop has a history of treating people unfairly. The reporter warns him that this could backfire on him, but Derek does not care.

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The Show Must Go On

Backstage at Atlanta Next Fest, Eva’s costume breaks and Cotton is nowhere to be found. Star manages to fix Eva’s outfit just in time for their performance, but it is not the last of the damage done to their outfits. One of the girls in the rival group, Glamour, throws a drink on Star. (Personally, I think they should have just changed because their costumes make them look like gas station attendants.) The girls come together and pray right before they go on stage.

Big Trouble is announced as the last group that gets to move on to the next round of Atlanta Next Fest. Hunter takes Star out to celebrate, and brings her to a house that he bought and put in her name, which makes her emotional. Simone sees Jahil and Eva making out and talking about how Jahil hired someone to pretend they were from Atlanta Next Fest to talk to the girls. It turns out the rule about not making changes to the group after they signed up was a lie.

After Derek confesses to Alex that he talked to the reporter, they get into a car accident. It is unclear if someone hit them on purpose or not. Jahil picks up Cotton from the club, and brings her to Carlotta’s house. Cotton tries to kiss Jahil, but Carlotta comes out and interrupts them. Carlotta tells Cotton that Jahil is her father. Cotton runs off and Jahil chases after her.

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